You are your own North Star.

The first time I heard the use of the North Star in terms of internal guidance was by the Author and Coach Martha Beck. Her Book Finding Your Own North Star has sold all over the world, and was first published I believe in 2003. By the time I discovered her work in 2012 I was well on my way to becoming a Coach myself having finally began to trust my internal wisdom as my North Star. As I was doing so I was looking for examples of Coaches who trusted their intuition rather than coaching modalities and she appeared magically. I just know I was guided by my Inner Wise Self  to her. Martha is such an inspiration to me and millions of others because she trusted her intuition at a crucial decision making point of her life.

There comes a point in our lives when we can only make a significant decision based on what feels right – this is when we finally discover our North Star.

Our fascination with the stars is quite obviously as long as time itself. Our earliest Sailors learnt to navigate from them as they travelled the globe plotting them with incredible precision. In the external sky the North Star as is known in the Northern hemisphere is simple to find with a bit of know-how. It sits at the top right hand of the star constellation we have come to know as The Plough. Another essential element in spotting it is the right conditions- namely a clear still night.  It is so named because it sits directly above the North Pole and most interestingly it doesn’t move from that spot – whilst other stars do. So on any sea bound adventure the sailor would firstly seek out  the North Star so that from there they could effortlessly steer their course correctly.

Millions of people today look to the Stars for guidance on a daily basis as they navigate through modern life but what many people do not yet realise is that the star guidance we actually need to follow is not in the external sky but in our internal night scape. The truth is following it isn’t the easiest route, its scary, heck sometimes its terrifying but its the only way, we will ever be truly satisfied and truly happy.

Our internal wisdom our intuition is the real deal, its the one that reveals where we truly are on our journey.  Just like sailors recognising the importance of The North Star– for our internal voyage will rely on the same recognition. It takes moments of stillness to discover it, yet it is always in the same spot deep inside us- it is a constant.

That night in July 2010 as I became a brilliant ball of light it was as if I was alone in the clearest of night skies but I finally knew where to look forever more–my very own North Star had been hidden inside me, it had been there constantly. This wisdom this guidance is within each and every one of us. – it’s our True North so it has to be inside each and every one of us, and it will be unique to each and every one of us- we are all on our own voyage of discovery.

Start searching inside yourself, allow yourself to be still, allow the clouds i.e. the unhelpful thoughts and opinions, and the other bright distractions to float by and with each breath you take, with your focus northwards the internal vision will become clear. Your inner guidance will shine so brightly that even though its scary following it will be as necessary for you as it was for those courageous sailors.

With love until tomorrow.

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