You are a miracle of gravity.

I wrote this poem some time ago and for todays post I wanted to share it with you once more- we all have a life with purpose to be told. My hope is in sharing mine you will remember to weave your life even brighter than you thought possible. I’ve recorded it here on Soundcloud and its in text below-

So tomorrow will be my last daily post for a little while. I have written consistently now for over 2 months with 57 posts and now I need to carve out the book -Permission to shine- from all that has gone into these daily blogs and the rest of my story- yes it’s time to do the first draft.

Thank you for reading them – sending me emails and comments and letting me know that they make a difference.

I will pop up via Face book live to let you know how things are going and maybe share new thoughts for feedback of this next stage and get this baby done. After that well you never know I might be back with some more thoughts from the flowers. I have to keep writing that’s for sure..

If you have questions that you want my perspective on do please keep sending them.

With love until tomorrow.

A miracle of gravity.

As you weave the letters of your life
don’t forget the toil and strife.
Don’t forget the loss and pain
and let’s remember all the shame.


But please remember to look behind
and see the light that shines and shines.


As you weave your web of life
a miracle of gravity
The light that glimmers glistens and glows
in the dark, in the midst of chaos knows
of a story brave and bold and free
so weave this life- for you and me.

Weave and weave it, BIG and BOLD,
this life of yours, must be told.

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