Why coaching?

There is a great expression that I heard many years ago and as I think about 'why coaching'?
I'm reminded of it.

'When you are too close to the elephant, all you see is grey' Anonymous

I’m afraid I don’t know who said it, but it stuck with me and as I began to awaken, the extra significance of it’s meaning came sharply into focus, and that’s where coaching can really help. We are too close to see what’s inside us sometimes, as we are too busy in the Grey Matter (our minds).

Do you believe your preprogrammed story? For a long time I believed mine, as if it was all just happening to me, so TRUST me I do know how you feel, but the TRUTH is that we are the Producers and Directors of our Adventure, of our Life.

Our family, our loved ones, are often too close as well, so our magnificence is indadvertedly forgotten. All top performing athletes, sports people, presidents, actors, have been thriving with Coaches for years and now it is becoming more easily available to many more. This is why you are reading this page is it not? You can see that you deserve to thrive too.

Since my awakening it’s been great and essential to my development to be coached and this has clarified my belief in its effectiveness. I have trained with and am Coached by some of the most Authentic and Inspiring Coaches in the field, who help me remove my limiting beliefs so I can assist you to remove yours.

My role as the coach is to ‘ask better questions’ and help you remember what you already know! My part is to guide you over this bridge in the many that you will cross on your journey. I can help you see that ‘You can rewrite the script to your story’. Together we will put the limelight on your Ness, so that you can love the skin You’re in.

Are you ready to remember who YOU are too, the one the world desperately needs you to be, because my number one mission in life is to stay grounded remembering, and nurturing, who I am , that’s my Barefoot Ambition.

Are you ready to discover yours?