One to One Coaching



This is for those committed to REAL CHANGE and ACTION and you have found this site because you know you deserve an wholesome authentic life, you know you have a lot to give to the world and you are ready for someone to guide you towards the version of you that gives you goosebumps.

A feeling inside you is nudging you, to remember, that you are part of something much, much, bigger.

YOU are the Creator, but you just need some help to create the life you truly deeply desire.

My commitment is to be there fully with you in the ‘present  moment’, to help you find the answers, solutions, creativity, that you are searching for…

So are you ready to embrace your NESS? Are you ready to give yourself permission to shine?

My first book Permission To Shine is a brilliant way to help you love and cherish who you are and tune into your very own inner wisdom, it will enable you to have a glimpse of your future self and show you that the permission to shine lay inside you all along. To purchase you own signed copy click here, or you can order it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other International online book sellers



Click here to fill out the pre coaching enquiry form – this will help you discover if coaching is for you. If you want a copy for you own records  you’ll need to copy and paste and save to your own computer before pressing send!


One to one Life Coaching with Bernadette Petrie

I run my 1-1 sessions  for distance clients, via Skype or telephone. Face to face sessions in The Barefoot Sanctuary or out in nature, either on the beach or around our local hill The Law, and each session lasts 90 minutes.

Like life, coaching is a ‘process’, and again like life, what you put into it, you get out of it, so that part, will depend on you too.

Currently I work with people over a 6-12 month period. One to one Coaching does require a significant emotional and financial investment. My current 1-1 rate as of January 2019 is £150.00 per 90min session, payable in advance plus I can offer bespoke coaching packages based on 9 or 12 sessions with additional bonuses.

Concessions are also available at my discretion and for existing Barefoot Sanctuary customers. Click here to complete the Coaching Enquiry Form… indicating at the bottom which package you are interested in finding out more about.

Maybe a Group Coaching experience appeals more?

I offer the  See Your Future workshop regularly throughout the year at the barefoot sanctuary in North Berwick. This is a creative group session with a maximum of 10 people where you will let go of limiting thoughts tap into your inner wisdom and create a powerful vision board revealing what your Soul truly desires. See what others have had to say via the testimonials.