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My name is Bernadette Petrie- The Soul’s Life Coach.

Are you ready to give yourself permission to shine? Are you ready to take a further step into understanding your Amazing Human Journey as a Spiritual Being.

The Intuitive Coaching method, that I offer is definitely not for everyone, and it may not be right for you at this stage.

I have recently published my first book Permission To Shine. I have created this book as part of the coaching process. I myself have gained so much from reading the written works other spiritual guides, and I actually knew I was meant to write this book first book even before I knew I was to become a Coach.  But before I could write it, I had to live it.

I had to remember how to love and cherish all of who I am. You might want to dive into that before investing in a 1-1 coaching experience, but if you do already feel sure you want to work with me on a 1-1 basis you will receive a copy of this book as part of the package. To purchase a signed copy of the book click here or you can also purchase it from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and other online book sellers.

Below are a series of questions that help you prepare for the Barefoot Coaching experience, and to give me a bit of background information. There are no right or wrong answers and it is mostly to let you see your thoughts and see where you are, so that we can help you on your next steps! If there are any questions you are not able to fill in for what ever reason, move on to the next, and just observe your thought process, and mostly be compassionate with yourself throughout.

Coaching is an investment and needs to be something you want so to get the best return. Based on the experience I have gained so far I would recommend a minimum of 6 sessions with a maximum of 12 sessions.  My aim is to teach you to trust yourself and guide you on how to live an intuitive life – so that you will be ready to spread your weeks by the time we finish!

For those interested in the coaching packages an initial telephone call can be arranged to cover any outstanding questions you might have once you have completed the enquiry form. Simply indicate that on the form and we can take it from there.

Cost of one of sessions and coaching packages as of January 2019.

I currently charge £150.00 per 90 minute session, (concessions are available by my discretion and for existing Barefoot Sanctuary clients)

All sessions are subject to fees being paid in advance. Bespoke coaching packages are available upon request for clients who want to invest and commit to paying for all their sessions in a lump sum up front.

All sessions will be maximum of 1 hour 30 mins. These can take place via telephone, or in person at The Barefoot Sanctuary, or out in nature. Sessions can be rescheduled if need be, with no additional charge with 24 hours notice otherwise refunds are not possible.

Disclaimer: (Intuitive Coaching is not nor does it claim to be an alternative to The Medical Profession. I do not work with individual’s who are currently, severely depressed, suicidal or experiencing massive moods swings. If you feel you need medical help, trust that feeling. I can however work with individuals who are ready to explore their true essence but are still experiencing anxiety and have been prescribed anti-depressants by their doctor. )

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Describe your General health what exercise do you do weekly?

How do you feel physically?

Think about your childhood. What did you love to do as a child?

What hobbies and passions do you have now and how often do you do these?

What habits do you have that...
a. you like?

b. you would like to change?

If you are experiencing, low self esteem or lack of personal confidence, how does this manifest? Ie does it stop you doing things or does it mean you do things you would rather not do?

How self critical are you?

If you were to describe how you talk to yourself whose voice/voices do you hear in your head?

What do you consider your main purpose in life to be?

What would you like your life to be like after coaching?

What do you want (having experienced coaching) to feel possible?

Are you willing to be completely honest with yourself and the coach about all that you fear and all that you dream about?

Does the decision to investigate having coaching feel good? How does it feel in your physical body?

What if, you are exactly where you are meant to be right now? (Pause and think about this for a few seconds)

How does that feel and what does it bring up?

Do you have anything else to add?