Where are you trying to get to?


I was out walking on the beach a couple of days ago, with my two beach companions Seaweed and Scout, our Spaniels, and we came across a scene that I am familiar with from my earlier days of living by the beach, as a parent with toddlers.

A grandmother, I assuming her daughter, (with her 2 grandsons, one was probably 3 or so, and the other I would guess was a year old toddler)  were in the throws, of lifting the toddler filled buggy, over some rocks, so as to get to the next part of the beach. Believe me, it is a challenge, for 2 people to say the least, I remember team effort being required, when we had to do it over the same spot a few times on our family beach walks, and so I totally felt for them, as they tried to navigate their way across this rocky part of the coastline.

We got chatting, as we all navigated the rocks together, me keeping the dogs in check, so as to not make their mission impossible, and as I offered to help them further, it became clear that they were a bit unsure of where they where actually heading off to; we were now, moving quite far from the town centre, and so I heard myself say:

Where are you trying to get to?

To which the Grandmother replied, ‘we are looking for the shops, and to get something to eat’.

I smiled and with as must empathy, as I could manage said, ‘ Ah I see, the thing is, the shops etc, are back the way you came, your actually moving away from them.’

As I gave them directions with local golf course crossing, included tips, to get back to town the easiest way possible and recommendations, as to where to eat, they realised, that they had set off from, where they actually wanted to be all along; and so unknowingly, they had headed off in completely the wrong direction. They had taken many steps, but in the total opposite direction, from what they actually wanted.

I could feel the real and present desire, to sit down for lunch, then to maybe potter in the shops, oozing out of them and feel, the deep sigh, as they realised they had moved unnecessarily far away from what they set out to achieve, when they boarded the train to North Berwick. No wonder it felt like such an effort, lifting the buggy over the rocks; they never wanted to be there in the first place.

With a new definite destination in mind and directions as to how to get there, they headed off in pursuit of the High Street and as I later sat down to type, I trusted that they, had, had a really good time. I felt super grateful for my new found Muse’s, and I’m pretty sure I caught a glimpse of them a couple of hours later, which made me smile once more, as I headed out of town myself, to a bathroom showroom. They looked like they were heading back to the train station – mission achieved. It’s thanks to them also, that I made extra sure, to check where the bathroom showroom, I was looking for, actually was, before I started driving; not, where I sort of thought it was, otherwise I would have been going in the totally wrong direction too.

If we don’t know where we are trying to get to, how do we blinking well get there? and if we don’t recognise where we even are, at each stage of our journey, how do we know, if the steps we take next, will be taking us towards what we want, or like the family today, in the complete opposite direction from where you really want to be?

For me 6 years ago I realised that the place I wanted to get to, was a place of peace inside of me, so that wherever I was, I knew I was there for the right reasons, and that I would be able to be me; that whatever I encountered along the way, I would be equipped to deal with it, as long as I kept my focus on want I wanted it to feel like.

The life I have now, is a future that I started to visualise back then, but before that it felt unreachable,

Here is a powerful thing to remember.

Discontent is the first necessity of progress.

Like my two muses, their uncomfortable experience of rock traversing whilst carrying a toddler in their buggy, was their discontent; until they got to that, they had unknowingly, quite comfortably, been going in the wrong direction. It’s only, when it got uncomfortable, and they thought about what they really wanted, that real progress followed.

Back then, I couldn’t admit to myself or to others what my desires actually looked like, and so I hadn’t been honest with myself and others, even when I hit discontent, so the direction I would definitely need to take, to get the life I desired, alluded me and things had to get really uncomfortable, in a way, it never would now.

Thankfully, the more honest we get with ourselves, about what we actually want, we are then, shown the steps towards anything that feels like that, and because of that, our actual desired life can becomes a reality, and it will keep growing and changing in an even better way, all the time.

Once we know where we are trying to get to or what, we are trying to get to, the rest can take care of itself. We have all the help we need and all the guidance necessary, if we are honest with ourselves and then others, about what we really want. The Universe, is always tuned into, our desires, but if we don’t know what they are, it cannot deliver the goods, so the more we fine tune them, well, magic can really start happening.

Believe me, I know from personal experience that this is not necessarily easy to do, ( I’m a late developer in more ways than one), as for a multitude of reasons, we have stuffed down the truth about what we really want, and so we genuinely don’t know what we want.

What I have discovered, is that my internal compass, knew all the time. I just hadn’t realised where or what this was. Now that I do, it guides me ever forwards, with constant fine-tuning, to what I desire. I’ve said it many times before, but it’s so worth repeating again, and again.


So have a think about where you are trying to get to? It may look very different from the landscape currently surrounding you, but with a idea of what you want it to feel like, it will come into view and there you will be.

You might think you want the new relationship, but want you really want, is freedom to be you, what would that feel like? Give yourself permission now, to take steps towards being more you.

You might think you want to be liked, but what you really want, is to like being you, what would that feel like? Focus on what you like about you and lean into that more.

Maybe you think you want to be rich, but what you really want is to feel abundant, what would that feel like? Start paying attention to all that feels rich and abundant in your life, write down the things you can appreciate today and watch your feeling of abundance grow.

Tune into your desires, take inspired action and let the Universe, take care of the rest.

With love until the next time.

Bernie x

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  1. Roxana vilk · March 12, 2016

    Great blog post Bernie thank you – totally resonated with me and the journey I am on love the reflection on being our own internal compass, and digging deep to know what really feels good.. X

  2. Bernie Petrie · March 12, 2016

    Hi Roxana, fab honey so good to hear and yes its then what feels, really, really good? as you tap in even more! love to you as you journey ever onwards xxx

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