What to do when your bubble bursts..

I realise that I have just started this blog with a lie, because honestly, I really have no idea or right to tell you what you are “meant” to do when your bubble bursts, only you know that. Ironically the reason my bubble burst on Wednesday was of course because it seemed that someone had got away with telling complete and utter lies, so here is the first fresh promise I want to make to you:


I will never lie to you again…


I’m going to share with you my reaction to the news that Donald Trump is to be the next American President and what I did over the  24-48 hours following the news and what I’m still doing and by putting down these words.

In truth I feel more committed to heal all parts of me even more and just maybe it will resonate with you and just maybe help you in your own healing journey, because let’s not forget and this is 100% my truth:


We are spiritual beings on a human journey, we are powerful beyond measure, it is only our mind that feed us lies that make us feel any differently.

I was standing watching the news on the TV with the results not fully in. Deep down she knew but I was in denial, and then I hear the unmistakable words of someone, (turns out he’s the new VP) introducing Donald Trump as the winning candidate and I literally, in front of my kids burst into tears- and I just like that my bubble was burst and in that moment I heard my inner child say –


How could that happen?-how?- it’s impossible….


I stood transfixed and felt a huge wave of  sadness, a grief,  but I also listened, and I watched, and looking at Donald Trump on the screen, I chose not to hate, and I focused on what I could Love- and I loved his son. I saw a little boy, the same age as my son, weary to his bones, brave in his mission – I mean how brave is he to be Donald Trump’s son, and I just felt pure love. As the house emptied with the kids heading to school, I allowed my inner child to feel the sadness, the disbelief, and discovered that there was rising anger, and in the allowing myself to feel whatever I needed to feel a memory popped up and I time travelled back to my childhood…


It’s the late 70’s and I feel myself literally stopping in my tracks on the walk home from school with one of my brothers. We are infact on the street that we live, so very almost home, and I hear him say (you know who you are) the following words..


“by the way have you heard the news… Santa has been killed in a helicopter crash”

I feel the same thought:


But if it’s true, that is so, so, sad, I mean how could HE die? What kind of world am I living in where Santa, with all his superpowers dies in a helicopter crash?


I honestly think my brother thought it was kinder to tell me he had been killed, rather than he wasn’t real, as maybe my brother had probably had his bubble burst in another way the year before. I don’t remember, how it progressed or the rest of the conversation and I definitely don’t remember bursting into tears, because in my world view of 9 that would have been babyish, and weak.


Instead of course, and this is what we as humans do best – I stuffed down all my sadness and with it all my belief in superpowers- and a part of me stayed on that street sad and angry. My undeniable reaction to the news on Wednesday revealed to me that stuck in time part of me that of course had believed in Santa, that had so desperately wanted him to be real, because without that magic, this world felt horrible, and I wanted the magical mystical, I did not want this reality.


Flash forward to Wednesday 9th November 2016… and I hear the words that will once again burst my bubble, and for a moment I feel myself going the same way, I don’t want this reality, I do not want to believe that hate has won that we are going backwards that humanity is doomed, that darkness is winning- I am tempting to stick my fingers in my eyes, to deny the darkness that is real and present, but instead of shutting it down, I became very, very present and this time my inner child felt safe to just CRY, and as she did I held her closely and this time allowed her FEEL the grief, the sadness and the anger that she hadn’t felt all those years ago.




So I took care of the part that was sad, and that was angry and I encouraged her to come back with me into the light of present time, and there I showed her, we can work with any reality, we are the magical, the mystical, we are our superpower, and all the while I kept letting her feel whatever she needed to feel.


I did what ever I needed to do to feel better, and I remembered, I get to chose what affects my vibration,  so even though in that moment a huge part of me still didn’t believe it, I chose to lean on the part of me that whispered

-Sweetheart I hold the power..

So I had a shower, I put on cosy clothes and I walked along the High street, the short 5 minute walk to The Barefoot Sanctuary to attend my Wednesday morning ritual of yoga. I acknowledged every person I came into eye contact with, sending love with every step and nod. I just let my feet walk and I trusted that my body knew something my mind didn’t.


By the time I reached The Barefoot Sanctuary my inner child was still subdued but she now felt seen, and she felt safe at home, as I was met by the wonderful Roxana Vilk who gave me the biggest hug and looked deeply into my eyes without one bit of FEAR.


I shared with her my emotions as as we chatted,  and she shared her’s.  She felt something my inner child yet didn’t, and I allowed her to feel that, and stay even more present, to resist the drama, and to get very very still – I let my inner child feel the reassurance that I had denied her all those years ago, by stuffing it down, by thinking I was being strong because I didn’t want to appear babyish.


Roxana held the space for over 15 souls all feeling different things in that yoga class, on Wednesday. The focus was on, as it had always been planned to be apparently -PEACE, and by the end of the class, as I tuned into the birds singing from outside I felt deeply, deeply at peace- I had begun to take my power back.



The truth is I can feel that this is all part of the awakening, part of the evolutionary process, if you like, but I also know I need to reclaim all the STUCK IN TIME parts of me, that are full of fear or hatred, so that I feel very, very, strong and free, and so I can use my superpower that comes from within for the good, and be who I am meant to be – a light that doesn’t run from the dark. I’m not in denial this reality isn’t all roses and rainbows, but the truth is  we are made hardwired to shine brightly in darker times.


If you feel angry that’s okay, but please allow that anger to ignite something deep inside you. Ignite the part that knows Santa never held the power and neither does Donald Trump, or any nation we deem to call a Superpower.


Neither does:


Not without our permission, not without our say so, in our world, and I’m refusing to hand over my power to any of that, not this time not with what I know deep inside my heart.


I am a firework- I am my own superpower and so are YOU!

So what if this is the big wake up call? What if Donald Trump is actually our most essential spiritual teacher, the one that says:


I am going to tell you lies, I am going to be hate and fear – are you going to wake up and remember who you are? Who are YOU going to choose to be?


To be who we truly are – beings of love and light, we have got to heal our minds, so that we do believe the lies based on fear, based on ‘there is not enough’, based on ‘we are not enough’ based on, ‘someone is out to get us’, based on ‘we are abandoned and alone’, based on ‘it’s pointless’.


We must love more, and heal all the parts of us that have been and will continue to be revealed to us as this scenario plays out.

So for the rest of the morning I surrounded myself with love and ate the food that my inner child needed “granola with warm milk” in Steampunk, and I gave and received hugs and had beautiful conversations with strong women, full of love, and as the day progressed I felt only love, I tuned into only to love…even in the car it was Heart FM all the way..


Ironically or I realise now not so ironically Wednesday 9th November was also my first day as a new presenter at Radio Saltire, with my dear dear friend and now co pilot Lisa Johnson. We are creating a show called Good Vibrations you can listen to it via your laptop anywhere in the world, and in some parts of Scotland I believe Glasgow it’s on DAB, on Wednesdays  at 2 -4pm. (That’s today if I get this out on time LOL)


The day before, we had discussed the playlist with regards to the election, we couldn’t not mention it either way, and the song I had decided to play as a love message, no matter what the result, was Firework by Katy Perry.  I know that people who vote out of fear either way are hurting in America, I know they feel really afraid, and disempowered, they either still desire the Santa Claus version of life, and they think that Donald Trump is now Santa Claus returned, or some feel that he is Hitler returned and that the future is a ‘fait accompii’ and either way I wanted them to hear a song that would maybe spark the belief, that I do hold, that the power lives deep inside us.


Of course in hindsight I could see that it felt even more accurate as a song choice based on the result, because it was actually for me that song, to raise my vibration, and anyone else who felt like me and I believe it’s to remind us all that we need to be the total opposite of the election campaign.


We need to BE LOVE, not hate. We need to SAY ONLY THE TRUTH, not lies.  We need to LEAN ON THE DIVINITY INSIDE US, not on the words of those outside us. We need to LET OURSELVES BE SEEN, not hide behind any labels, or comparisons. We need to SHINE OUR LIGHT and step into the darkest parts of ourselves. We need to HEAL THOSE PARTS OF OURSELVES and bring them home too.


So it is with deep gratitude that I have this opportunity to work through my emotions here on this blog that you still seem to want to read, and  I leave you with Katy Perry to remind you that are indeed your own superpower, you are indeed a firework!


With so much Love


Til the next time.





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Love and more love..
B x







  1. Pauline McPherson · November 16, 2016

    Go girl ! Yup, Trump makes us STRONGER, because he won’t have our energy, because we will channel it more acutely in the direction it needs to go. Towards love. He’s a damaged guy, he shows everyone what damage looks like. Change is coming, it is long overdue, but it never happens neatly, sweetly. We don’t know how long it takes, but love always wins.

  2. Bernie Petrie · November 16, 2016

    love always wins !!! love it thanks Pauline and for stepping up in your power xxx

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