It’s time to dive in and wake up..

When our mental focus, is outwards and let’s face it, that is, a lot of the time, what is mirrored back to us, can throw us. It’s hard to accept what we see sometimes, and the truth is when we find it hard to accept what we see mirrored back to us, it’s in my experience anyway, a form of feedback showing us that we are totally out of our own inner balance. At the same time, when we are so inside our own heads, we feed the lie, that we, are separate from others.

It’s a confusing time, for sure, and some really, really, scary things, are happening; but other beautiful things are happening too, and we need to do what ever we can to wake up to the beauty of this world, and to the fact, that we have all the guidance, we will ever need right inside of us, but its not in our minds, its in our hearts.

As someone who was born in 1969, in Northern Ireland, in the year, that people came to call, “The year of the troubles”, I have a perspective, I would like to share.

I saw through my own eyes, and experienced, beautiful, warm hearted, courageous people. Everyday, peace and love, was there, and for some part at least, I showed up for that too ; and yes, at the same time, I experienced the opposite, but those where the times, when I was lost in my head and believed my own and others fear stories.

Overall, though, I wasn’t afraid of living in Northern Ireland, because despite what you might have heard on the news, normal human life was experienced too, and I witnessed a light, in so many different ways, that somehow outweighed the darkness of the Troubles. I was certainly not afraid, to the extent that other parts of the world looking in, thought I should be.

However when I became a student and left for England, I experienced for the first time media coverage from another perspective and fear crept in. It seemed that people looking from overseas, at my world, through the lens of The News coverage, saw only terror, fear and bitterness. Sitting amongst my new English friends, in the halls of residence as a student, I would watch day after day, the evening news. ( I never watch the news on a daily basis anymore) When it came to Northern Ireland, all that was reported, was terror after terror, nothing else. Friends of mine where afraid to go to NI, forbidden to go in fact, by there parents, and I still know some friends, who have never been, because of the still perceived dangers.

I remember thinking about all the other countries, cities, and people, that I was afraid of, because of my perceptions, of The  News coverage that came through to me unfiltered, and I started to slowly understand that if I allowed myself to make  decisions, based on The News, they would always be based on fear. If I saw the rest of the world, through the filter, that the rest of the world, saw my home, Northern Ireland, the only thing that was winning was FEAR, and that is a of course a total, lose, lose.

This is not living, this is half living, or worse. Now, I’m not not saying that I had no fears about going to, x y or Z, but, because of growing up in Northern Ireland, I couldn’t ignore the proof that is subsequently valid in my head, that, just like my homeland, other countries of the world, are full of loving acts of human kindness too, that they are filled with amazing people, who simply want to live peacefully, or are living wholeheartedly not letting fear diminish their lives.

I know for sure that in the places, currently experiencing terror attacks, or civil war, or those places that are supposedly dangerous countries, purely based on reputations from the past, that this is, only a small part of the story. In every corner, of this world, love does shine through, this is sometimes hard to believe as we are bombarded daily with fear based stories in more massive scale, but still; I choose to believe, that LOVE will win out.  Life in Northern Ireland is by no means a Citadel of total unity today, but it’s a far cry from some of the really dark times, and it is the human spirit and love, that has made all the difference there.

In my eyes, it a beautiful Miracle, all the same. The transformation in NI since 1969, is not to be scoffed at, as some people never believed they would see things change at all, but it has happened. I also believe, that we can play our part in supporting this more, for all places in the world, by doing what ever we can,  (lovingly of course) to slap ourselves awake, from limiting fear based stories, that would dampen our human spirit, and make us, simply more afraid.

Love is what we are born with, fear is what we learn here. Marianne Williamson.

We can play our part by facing our own fears, and this starts with the small day to day ones, and build our courage muscles, and this will give us the courage to make our own decisions, rather than making decisions based on the fear, feed to us, through the outside media filters.

Just like then, in The Troubles of  N. Ireland, people all over the world, are still connecting, loving, forgiving, helping. The people who are doing that, are still, the ones, who inspire me, as they are courageous, brave and wide awake, and I want to be, more of all of those things.

So, going into nature and restoring my own inner balance has never felt more important. Just like a tree stabilises itself for storms that will certainly come, so must we grow deep roots into this earth, by connecting with nature, and strengthening our mental and spiritual muscles.

Hence, my short video. One of the ways, I build my mental and spiritual muscle, is to frequently plunge into the Scottish Sea. As crazy as it may seem, and as trival as it may seem to some, I feel a braver person, by doing this, and I feel a more awake and alive by doing this too, slapping myself awake from The News madness. I’m am totally sure, that this has played a big part in helping me, to show up more as me, to reboot to that natural state of being!

Sometimes, for sure, all I hear in my head, as I venture to swim out deeper, is Billy Connolly’s voice, talking about sharks, so lots of deep breathes are needed then. Even considering this shark thought, is of course total madness, and will no doubt, make you laugh. It makes me laugh too, as there are no great whites coming to the banks of North Berwick any time soon; but that’s the reality of our fears.


My point is, if our MAD fears, stop us from experiencing beauty and aliveness, and joy; they might as well have come true.

Thankfully, our soul knows differently, our challenge though is to get still enough, to listen to it, to hear it over and above all the fear noise.

We cannot change how others show up in the world, but we can change, how we do, and that will make all the difference.

Diving into still waters.

With love light and courage to you all.

Bernie x

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Love and more love..
Bernie xx

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