The Space Between

The space between who you think you should be and who you believe you are might just be the place where you can find yourself – in that space you have a chance to open up to a whole new reality of being. Is it in the presence of the moments that make up your life where you can truly discover who you are….I think so but what do you think about that?.

In last weeks Good Vibrations show I had so much fun with my lovely friend Jennifer Main discussing her latest book – The Space Between and behind each song was another inspiring or uplifting story. Honestly there is so much content and wisdom to be gleaned from this episode as well as some awesome music so plug your headphones in as you pause to reflect all that you are and know that you are always more than you can imagine…

And let me know what you think of the show….I’ll be back on air tomorrow the 5th July with my lovely copilot lisa Johnson at 2pm so tune in and get the live experience and say hello via Facebook¬†

With love until the next time


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