What to do when Stroppy comes to town!

As I write I’m sitting at my desk with the sun beating down on my face through the window of The Barefoot Sanctuary so much so that the memory of the rain is already fading – the reality is that’s it’s rained here for almost 5 days with not many breaks and this new burst of sunshine has got me thinking about our self -love journey.

I think things inside our minds are really much more like the weather than we realise – sometimes it’s wet –wet- wet (feel free to start singing) -and other times it’s full of rainbows and sunshine – our Choice is to whether to keep on this journey anyway by putting on the right clothes and do keep moving forward- to not let our mind dictate whether we stay inside our own story but rather to get out of our mind and create a more energised and enriched life regardless of the weather. As Billy Connolly famously said and I think of every time I need to adapt my clothes to the weather changes- there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes choices!

We can’t stop ‘bad” weather nor can we stop “less than empowering thoughts” but we can control what we choose to wear in all weathers just as we can control what we pay attention to and try on for size in our minds.

Here is a little example of a thought or two that visited me from my mind yesterday..

So there I am in a yoga class here at The Barefoot Sanctuary -I was mid way through the warm up and I was feeling less than energised- and I heard this stroppy sounding thought-

“well that’s it decided then I’m too tired to do Crossfit tonight and I’ve got my period so I really should be resting that’s probably why I’m finding this hard..so no I’m not going”

-Then came a little reminder from my inner wise self-

“take a breath sweetheart -you don’t have to decide right now – let that thought go and let’s see how you feel later- always remember you don’t have to decide now”

“Oh -okay breathe-I can decide later – yes that’s totally better” – and on I got with the class and the rest of my day. Throughout the day  as the rain poured down heavily adding an additional  resistant thought – I remembered my inner wisdom and said once more to myself –“it’s okay – remember you don’t have to decide now”

When it came to 7pm – decision time- I revisited the thought – instead of resistance I simply found myself willingly donning my kit preparing to brave (it was not nearly as grim outside of course as my mind imagined) the elements, for an hour of CrossFit– and yes it was hard -yes I was knackered and wet at the end -but it was GOOD! and more so –I felt fantastic…

But and this only happened because I took all pressure off by trusting the whisper “I don’t have to decide now”- until it came to the actual decision making time.

Now let’s go back to the thoughtthe space (undoubtably created in the flow of Yoga) – then the whisperand the later result. If you are a parent- it might be reminding you of dealing with a young child- petulant – expressed- appeased- up for it – elated.

How many times have you said to your/ a little kid during a stroppy outburst– let’s see how you feel later – you don’t have to decide now- and how many times have you seen them totally in their joy doing the very thing than hours or sometimes mere minutes previously they had no intention of doing?

We are still that kid in part and we all need our very omnipresent self to nurture us through the same process as we would do with an actual young child now..

The more we do that the less our daily happiness levels will be determined by our thoughts and just like a kid we will be less governed in our moods by the mere change of weather…

So if a thought pops up that could put you off doing a “thing”- that if you did actually did it -would have a high chance of leaving you feeling fantastic- give it a bit of space – take a deep breath and say to yourself:

“It’s alright sweetheart you don’t have to decide now-let’s see how you feel nearer the time“

Every time it pops up just hold the space by taking another breath and say the same thing – it’s alright sweetheart you don’t have to decide now – let’s see how you feel nearer the time”.. and I promise you -you will by doing this -get out of your own way and most likely do the “thing” and feel much more energised after your whole day rather than drained and dulled by a petulant thought early in the day!

PSST.. It is this very technique that took me into the sea for my first Looney Dook back in 2010 – I gave myself the space and only made the decision 20 minutes before it started whilst sitting on the edge of my bath in my dressing gown. I loved and cherished myself to there in the exact same way as above and I’ve been sea swimming throughout the seasons merrily since then..

Quite simply- Loving and cherishing ourselves throughout our day creates more joy and beauty in every way!!

With so much love.

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