Your story hides the real you.


I’ve been thinking a lot about this message throughout today- and it’s been an unusual day here in North Berwick. Snow has descended closing schools and businesses- and with it the daily story of our lives seems to have been interrupted. Tomorrow is no longer a school day, the delivery trucks may not come to town and with it the realities of daily life are somehow hidden.

In my role as an Intuitive Coach I guide people helping them to question their current story so that they can create a new more empowering one. I help them to step outside of a limiting story. I help them question the story of their ‘conditioning’ so that the actual truth of who they truly are can be revealed to them.

Most people who come to me are ready to do this – They have usually experienced something a bit like this snow storm where suddenly nothing looks the same, their internal landscape has changed and they have the new found ability to step outside of their story. This presents a blank canvas where their footsteps now feel virgin like.

As it was for me in the beginning of this new awareness, things can feel very serene and calm and everything just looks beautiful- but just like with the snow, as the temperature rises and the snow starts to melt – the serene landscape can often reveal even more mud than ever before. Just like I did, my clients often struggle with losing their new found serenity and can judge themselves harshly.

But nothing has gone wrong because it is through our stories that we can find the hidden parts of ourselves. In this way the stories are essential for healing but we can only do that because we are no longer in ‘The Story’ we are simply looking at it. In this place we are no longer hiding – we are seeking the parts of us that still are.

I often describe to my clients that we are now on a treasure hunt to find the parts of themselves that are not up to speed with the truth of their brilliance- the parts of themselves that are ‘Stuck”. These are the parts in hiding that are oblivious to the fact that things worked out really well, that it is okay to be heard now, that they are totally loved.  These are the parts of themselves that haven’t had the awakening because they are hiding in the sub- conscious parts of us. I help them find the parts of themselves that are playful, trusting, honest, heck we even bring back the loud and supposedly crazy parts. I help them bring back the dreamer the adventurer – I help them to bring back the parts that are willing to feel more, the parts that trust their intuition and the parts that are far from self-conscious. In every treasure hunt, the reunions are always incredible.

But something is essential for this, something that we underestimate – and that’s LIFE after the perfect storm. The daily interactions the slushy parts, the stuff that makes us slip and stumble, because they activate the ‘feelings’ that will help us locate the hidden parts of ourselves- the parts that are now ready to be found.

These daily moments after the momentary stillness are the essential clues we need to go forever on this treasure hunt and in the process we are writing a whole new expanded eternal story.

With love until tomorrow.




  1. Maureen Evans · March 1, 2018

    Nice blog Bernie.Enjoy the slushiness, that’s where the real discovery happens. xx

  2. Bernie Petrie · March 1, 2018

    Indeed Maureen!! thanks for the feedback – love love to you B xx

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