You are The Star, The Director and The Producer of your own movie.

Happy Friday to you dear barefoot readers. When my kids were younger we used to call it ‘Friday night movie night’ – so as this will be my last post for a while- this card feels like the best thought to go out with.

I’ve have always loved the movies. I get so many messages from them -I get many of those ‘A Ha’ moments. Sometimes instantly other times days weeks or even months later. But what if I told that in our every day lives we are right and centre of our own movie. We have the same ability to decide how we show up in our own movies- and the same responsibility to turn up. Far too many of us we think that we are the supporting act, and yes of course we are- but the crucial difference is:

That is someone else’s movie not ours.

We put way too much energy at times into someones else’s movie into someone else dream and if that feels great – keep on going because without doubt we will play very wonderful supporting acts for many I am sure but if that feels dissatisfying – if it just feels off then just maybe like me:

You need to find your own dream- by focusing on your Movie you’ll realise its actually happening right now.

You see Back in 2010 I was involved in someones else dream, and throughout the entire process I found it really difficult to be totally myself. I was so caught up in self doubt and I just didn’t have the perspective that I have now. This was a vital step for me of course. It was painful and I not only suffered but I caused others to suffer too. However it really helped me in fact it was the essential part to me waking up to the fact that I was the star of my own movie. The problem was I had been trying to be the star of someone else’s.

When my then business associate said to me with words to this affect  – “Bernie this is my vision and if that doesn’t feel good maybe you need to go and find your own.” (just to be clear- my business associate was bang on and I will be eternally grateful for those words) Deep down I knew it didn’t feel good -but well the words got stuck in my throat because honestly I had no  ‘vision’ and I totally believed that I just didn’t have it in me to ever come up with one.

Right there in that moment I  felt I would never have an idea of my own or a ‘calling’ of my own.  Little did I know that My Higher power was the Director not me. The surrender had started- she heard my true feelings because I felt them then and there. In that process I was finally letting her Direct – and soon my own vision would become so obvious.

The ‘You’ I refer to is of course the eternal YOU. 

So if things don’t feel right or are not going to plan – it’s probably because your Eternal You is actually focusing on your Movie – magic is always happening there- whilst you are stuck in someone else’s- and not showing up where you are meant to.

So to take the creative reins fully into your own hands, its really about realising that the reins are attached to the creative source that lies inside of you and allowing that part of YOU to lead you. You -the human you -are not the one that is leading.

Being led by YOUR HIGHER POWER might means allowing things to take a curveball and that involves facing what you are afraid of and surrendering to them- why? because thats how many great movies play out. Trust yourself and  trust the Direction and The production in the same way- by allowing the ideas and resources to come to you.  When you fully step into that Star role role you know they totally have your back.

No-ones life is more special than yours, but unless you focus on your life, you miss that your were the ‘Star’ all along. Let yourself be led and in turn you will be amazed at the movie that is being played out for you by YOU.

With so much love until the next time.

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  1. Suzi · May 4, 2018

    Aw I’m so sad that this is the last post for a while. I really enjoy these in my inbox each day and as someone struggling to see my light, never mind letting it guide me – I have really appreciated the sentiment in each post and they have made me stop and think each day. Thank you 🙂

  2. Bernie Petrie · May 4, 2018

    awe honey thank you – I want to create a book that you will have by your side and can flick through daily so your words spur me on to get that done and I will be back and will do some fun face book live videos along the way. If you can see the light in others thats your light too – they are your mirrors always love B xxx

  3. Jo T · May 5, 2018

    Hi Bernie, I have so enjoyed your blogs, will miss them too. There’s a great book in there for sure! Happy Writing, with heaps of love and light, Jo XXX

  4. Kirsty Robertson · May 7, 2018

    Bernie, what a great way to end your current run of blogs! I am both sad and happy at learning this, happy as it means you are getting closer to your book writing. I shall miss your daily blogs, I got to enjoy your last three back to back as Ive been away for a few days camping. Much love Kirsty xxxxx

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