Sometimes, I’m still my own worst enemy..


Becoming a Life Coach and being considered by clients as their Spiritual guide, doesn’t mean that I have it all figured out, nor does it mean, that I live in divine joy permanently.

Newsflash ego, that’s not who I am trying to be, that’s not who I need to be.

Recently, I realised, that I have once again been, my own worst enemy. I have been guilty of holding tightly to the belief, that I don’t resist life; unsurprisingly soon after, I will feel tired, I will feel overwhelm and clutter, and, ta da, I realise, that once again, my ego has tripped me up, albeit in a less obvious, sneaky way.

Life feels harder, when I resist what is.

I found myself wondering if sharing, that I go through this, would it help anyone, and then I remember, that I’m getting in my own way again, (another trick of ego).

What I do know, is that this new poem, created out of these feelings, has helped me hugely over the last few days, and has given me huge pleasure, in the creative process, so just maybe, it will resonate with any of you that sometimes, like me, jump on the self critical train, to Sabotage!

The great news is we can get off it, and change destination, anytime we please….

Changing destination.

With love.

Bernie x


Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy
I’m the one who lets me down
I’m the one who steals my passion
and scolds me when I frown.

I’m the one who trips me up
steals my joy and taints my love.
I’m the one who when my back
is turned, is giving me a shove.

It suddenly feels cluttered
but it’s not my heart that’s full,
the spaces in my mind, are jam-packed
and creativity is nil.

It’s because my thoughts are cluttered
that it becomes impossible to find,
the creativity, that’s inside me,
it’s as if suddenly, I’m blind.


I take a deep breath and lean inside,
my inner wisdom rears,
and like a spring cleaning ninja,
my mental cobwebs, have disappeared.

She says:

Embrace all the parts of you

that you would rather hide away

let them come out, but teach them how to play

They just need some guidance

from beginning to end,

which is why you must be, your own best friend.

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With love and spring light till the next time…

Bernie x

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