If you could see what I could see you would smile too.

The I that I referred to in this flower when I drew it some time ago was not the ‘Bernie I’- it was your ‘eternal I’. Now for sure as a Soul Coach one of my abilities if you like is that I can see the beauty of the Soul, and it really does make me smile when someone I’m working with gets a glimpse of that perspective too. That’s the magic of the coaching process but ultimately as a writer I want people to be able to discover this through my words too. That is the intention of writing the book ‘Permission to Shine’. I want as many people as I can reach to realise that -we are our very own ‘Scout’s’ with the big smiles on our faces. Read on to find out more!

On certain days when I find myself so stuck in an unhelpful thought or in a limited story of who I am – the story of the world- I need to take the deepest of breathes and lean into this statement. If that is one of those days for you – lean in all the more.

What if we could see what our highest version of ourselves can see. What if we could see the world from the perspective of eternity. If we could see the truth and Source of love source within humanity. What if we could see ourselves and others through the eyes of non- judgement, through the eyes with no limited beliefs- would we smile too?

I think we would. I think it would be impossible for us not to.

This is why we have to constantly ‘doubt’ the stories we are telling ourselves that are in any way keeping us small.

Today I spoke to Angie Garton about this very word ‘doubt’ and then later I briefly watched a video about another resilient person who also ‘doubted their story’. Both have clearly gone on to create the lives they enjoy and cherish today. Whilst for sure they enjoy their resting place – that is of course vital, they also chose not to stay in their comfort zone, because their friend  ‘doubt’ creeps back in and gets them reaching for an even more expanded perspective.  You can listen to the replay of the Good Vibrations show with Angie as my guest in the link below.

Our eternal self is the one urging us to doubt our story. She is the one urging us to see the expanded view of ourselves- that is the only mountain of doubt that we really ever have to climb, again and again. Our Eternal self has a perspective in this present moment that we simply don’t but we can connect to our eternal self at any time and get a glimpse.

Yes for sure we have to have faith trust and courage, to walk towards her perspective to see it through our own eyes but the great news is we have all of those things. We didn’t get to this stage of evolution without them. It’s just another story in our subconscious minds that would ever have us doubt that we don’t.

Dare to take a peek at yourself through the eyes of your eternal consciousness- by connecting to the source of love inside of you. When you connect with and follow your heart you are looking at things through this higher perspective.

It’s there in our hearts that we all know we can see things so differently – we feel things differently and there is a level of peace that is really not explainable.  It will just be a glance a forward flash almost and the steps will still have to be taken, but it can inspire us onwards.the r

We don’t have to understand why our heart wants us to follow a certain path- because for sure sometimes it might not make sense, it will many times feel scary so of course the choice is always ours to take. But only we can choose to trust that ‘Scout’ who I propose is that future version of ourselves aka our eternal self with the amazing elevated view. Our eternal self is the one who has left us a sure path to follow so that we can see this view of ourselves and the world too.

She has gone ahead and left us many clues and signposts, and simply can’t wait to see the smile on our faces when we take the vital steps onwards and upwards.

With so much love until tomorrow.

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  1. Angela stark · May 1, 2018

    Beautifully written Bernie and the timing of it, for me today, was spot on!
    Thanks for your daily messages – they are a joy to read: Ang xx

  2. Bernie Petrie · May 2, 2018

    Hi Angie so pleased to hear that- biggest hug B x

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