Right now I’m living my best life.

Right now, I’m living my best life…

Picture the scene- It’s Christmas, me and the rest of the Petrie clan are all gathered around the table – it’s game time and I start things off with a new game called, Vertellis. According to the box it is all about “less small talk and more genuine conversations”. 

I’ll admit, I’m nervous about bringing it out – I catch my teenagers eye rolling, but everyone else is game, and then, so are they! 

My opening line – ‘Right now I’m living my best life’ is a memory from that particular christmas scene.

One of the questions was:

Rate the past year on a scale of 1-10, with ten as the best possible score. 

My son and one of my niece’s both score themselves as 10’s and my niece went on to say – Right now, I’m living my best life! 

That was a few years ago, and as I walked along North Berwick beach a few days ago, I remembered her words. Remembering them got me thinking there was possibly even more truth in that statement than we all realised.

To explain, I’ll share with you that I have just finished reading Ainslie Macleod’s latest book ‘The Old Souls Guidebook’. In which he says- that we will all live many lives, and that this is potentially ‘your best life to date’!

Prior to reading this book,  I had the opportunity to have a 1-1 session with Ainslie by phone, in which I discovered more about my past. Turns out I’ve had a life in Russia and several in Portugal which explains a lot, and has helped me feel much lighter about some of my early childhood memories. 

Scoop Alert! I will be interviewing Ainslie for this blog in the near future so if you are intrigued keep an eye out for that future post.

As I was walking on the beach, it suddenly seemed really obvious to me, that I am living my best life. I am more awake than I’ve ever been- because my soul has evolved. I feel unburdened from the past in a deeper way and as a woman – as a ‘white witch’ some might say this time, quite frankly there has probably never been a better time to be alive!

And yes of course, I hear you- that may seem ironic, considering we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Let me be clear- I don’t doubt for one minute, the pain and suffering that this whole situation is bringing up, but I also believe that we have endured more than our minds can comprehend- you have lived many lives, newsflash -this is not your first rodeo! . 

Instead what if you are truly living your best life. What if, this incarnation is the culmination of so many different lives that if you could step into that perspective you would see its truly your best life, even with a global pandemic – even with all the the terrible things that get reported in your daily news feed. Or closer to home, even with whatever is on your plate right now. 

Just think about it for a minute – consider the history of humanity- would you really choose to be living in a different time? 

Because what if in other lives you have been killed in war zones, or you have starved to death- many times. What if we you have been tortured or dare I say it, been the torturer.

What if you were destitute, abandoned, and deplored in other lives, and this one you are in right now is the culmination of so many experiences. You have grown and evolved because of the lessons that you learned by being through those experiences. 

It’s because you as a Soul have endured, evolved and overcame that you are here now- so that no matter what is going on for you right now, you have all the resources inside of you to complete this mission successfully. 

If you look at the bigger picture, might you just realise that it is in ‘real terms’ your best life.?

If so….

How differently would queueing for food feel tomorrow when you consider for a moment that in another life – you starved to death?

Would having to stay in and clean your house feel better, when you ponder a former existence where you were destitute?

How differently might you judge others when you contemplate the sins of your past?

Would you approach a medical challenge with less fear, when you consider that in another lifetime none of our amazing medicines and surgical procedures and live saving technologies existed?

Finally, and the one I’m most interested to hear from you about is – what would you give yourself permission to desire, and take steps toward if you knew that it is safe for you to be seen and heard right now- what would you allow yourself to dream about if you knew deep down that you have overcome- the past is the past. Right now, this is truly your best life?

I would love to talk with you about this, if you are game to talk through some questions with me, to help me create the perfect online programme to make that possible, let’s schedule a conversation…

Freeing yourself from self imposed limitations from this life and from past lives, gives you the opportunity to love and cherish this life all the more.

You came here to “be here now” and from that place of awareness, you can change the very fibre of your being. If you change the very fibre of our being, by being fully here now and claiming all of who you are as a being of light on another human adventure, everything changes.  

With this perspective, despite what is going on around you- you may just discover that you have an ability to walk this earth right now much more lightly …

With love from here right now..


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