God speaks to you, in your own voice….


A few nights ago I watched for the first time, Neale Donald Walsch, The Movie. For those of you who don’t know who I mean, Neale Donald Walsch, is the Author, of the books titled, Conversations with God. This creation, actually comes in 3 volumes. The content of which, is opening up a whole new way of thinking about God, and honestly, I couldn’t recommend them more. I believe, they are incredibly valuable texts, for this present day.

There is a line in the movie where Neale says:

God speaks to you, in your own voice

That is, definately how it was for me, for the voice that guided me 6 years ago in the Priory, was a strong loving female voice; it was, my own voice, as God spoke to me in my own voice. Finally, a conversation had begun, she had heard me and now I was able to hear her, and she has been guiding me ever since. Of course, there are definitely times, when I get in my own way, and I cannot hear her as clearly, as my other inner commentary is always pretty active, and so it takes a continually choice, and action, to tune into a 2 way conversation with God…

So just how do we quieten what some people call, the monkey mind, so that we can hear, the voice of God; the voice, which is, just to be clear, one and the same, as Your Inner Wise Self; and in this fast paced world, where there is so much, as one of my clients described, ‘background noise”

How can you even tell the difference?

The latter part of this question is covered best by the flower image above, that was easy, as for the first part, here are 5 tips, that I’d also like to share, as a reminder, both to me and you, which will help, with the tapping into the Glorious Onward Direction Sat Nav, that we all are.

Create a daily spiritual ritual IE. get still for a few minutes every day. If you do that already, maybe like me, it’s time to commit to making it a bit longer. With the act of getting still and creating the daily Barefoot Thought doodles, you can see them Instagram here; something has changed for me, and so through, what was an act of PLAY, I now feel able and have the need to increase this stillness by meditating each day. The time that works for me is only 10 minutes, as this feels really doable, but it feels like a different depth, to my spiritual practice; with it comes a sense of peace, and clarity, that can only be God. So allow yourself, some minutes, maybe start with a few and build up to more; those minutes to connect with you. Even if it’s in the car before you get into something, or lying in your bed before you get up, or as you wash the dishes, take the dogs for a walk, whatever; but just allow yourself to focus purely on your breathing, and feel the love of Source surround you. If you want more help on this click here for one of my audios, which now looking at, is actually about 16 minutes long, hay ho!! This may help you start the meditation process, and then if time does feel stretched, set the timer on your phone for a daily 10 minutes. In the meantime, I will get on with creating a 10 minute audio too! Trust me you will feel differently after just a week or so.

Pause and take breath. Oftentimes when we are asked something or asked to do something we find ourselves saying yes, when actually we want to say no, we engage our mouths, without checking into the God in us, by checking into our body. A simple practice of pausing for a few moments, will invite that inner wisdom in and allow us to act as our Soul desires, not as the monkey mind thinks we should. Pause on the small things and then it’s easier to pause on the big things when they come, just a simple PAUSE…..can make all the difference. If you want to know what your NO feels like, and your Yes, listen to the Body Compass Guide here.

Get outside and feel God all around you. In my experience God is everything and everything is made of only one thing -GOD; thankfully a lot of Source, hasn’t forgotten who it is, especially Nature. It has a really high vibration, which is why we always feel better after being outside. It’s not a coincidence. This is also why, I love living by the seaside, as we have done for the last 10 years. Watching the waves crash, feeling the sand and soil beneath my feet, swimming in the sea, climbing our local hill and looking out far and wide, all bring me back to communion with my inner wise loving self, so give yourself permission to just BE in nature a little bit every day, even more consciously, and see your vibration soar..

Do what feels good and always, always, choose the better feeling option; maybe it’s watching old movies, listening to music, cooking or hanging out at your favourite coffee shop with great friends, maybe, its creating art, music or doing yoga, writing poetry, or surfing. Whatever it is, MAKE TIME to do the things that float, your boat, and when you feel pulled to do it, do it. Maybe it’s also about saying NO to someone else so that you say YES to you, IE ACT ON THE TRUE FEELINGS INSIDE and you will be in direct communication with your Inner GOD.

Pay attention and stay present. Not only does God talk to you in your own voice but through the radio, in magazines, from overhearing a passing comment on the train, road signs, art, you name it, God is communicating back to you, all the time. So in reality, we are always talking to God, through our desires, and feelings, it’s just that we maybe are not present enough to see or hear the answers, and maybe because we have a fixed idea based on inherited beliefs, about what God is, we don’t consider that a God who is really on our side, is even listening? Start paying attention, stay in the here and the now, if you find yourself in the past or in the future, gently guide yourself back, and what you receive in communication, as you go about your day, well they won’t be coincidences, you will hear YOUR GOD all the more.

This communing with God, it really isn’t what we think you know, it’s really much lighter and more liberating, funnier; at times, even hilarious, more hilarious than we could ever imagine, but don’t take my word for it, tune in and see for yourself..

With so much till the next time.

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