Nothing in this life is permanent.


The thought I had before I went to pick todays title from my flower deck was this. I want to be able to write about what’s real today- because that’s where I’m at, and all feelings are valid. What’s real for me today is I feel rubbish – I have a really sore tummy after a touch of food poisoning (one word- Clams) and so I feel pretty lethargic.

The reminder that ‘Nothing in this life is permanent’ assures my mind and body that this too will pass- that tomorrow I will wake up feeling tons better- that this feeling is temporary- the feeling that I had yesterday thankfully has already shifted, and tomorrow will be better.

Always in situations like this I hear my inner voice whisper- “What will make you feel better?” And because of that I’ve now got a hot water bottle resting on my tummy and I’m drinking a cup of ginger and honey tea. That does feel a bit better already.

The question ‘what will make you feel better?’ is in my view one of the most important questions we can ever ask ourselves. As Spiritual beings on a human adventure we came here (I believe) to feel our way through our time here. Our time here isn’t permanent we will move on to another adventure after this one. Death isn’t permanent. We will emerge again and again, and again. But I realise I’m at risk of digressing here so before we go too far the rabbit hole today let’s just take a look at how this thought could help you shift on a daily basis in what some affectionately call Earth school.

None of my family/ friends understand me – Nothing in this life is permanent.

My boss is horrible- Nothing in this life is permanent

My jeans are too tight- Nothing in this life is permanent.

I hate my job – Nothing in this life is permanent

I feel so ashamed- Nothing in this life is permanent.

I will never get over this – Nothing in this life is permanent.

I don’t know what I’m doing – Nothing in this life is permanent.

I’m so broke- Nothing in this life is permanent.

I feel rubbish- Nothing in this life is permanent…..Getting the drift?

When something shitty happens or we feel in a funk- we can wrongly believe that things will never change but actually we have 2 choices – we can wallow in it and make sure that it lasts longer than it needs to and stay right in it – or we can think this thought – Nothing is this life is permanent and focus on what I can do right now in the here and the now to make myself feel that one bit better, then repeat then repeat.

Don’t judge what that looks like- as long as you are not hurting anybody else go for it- so if you feel angry it might mean standing on the top of a mountain and screaming your lungs out – or punching some pillows. If you feel lethargic/ill it might be extra TLC with yourself – a nap or a hottie like me. If you feel afraid-  it might mean sharing those fears with someone you trust and or taking steps to do the thing that scares you so that you can overcome it.

If I think back over the 49 years of my life most of my suffering came from not realising that the things I was scared off would pass, that the things I was ashamed of I could forgive myself for, and i would be free of that shame, that the anger I had inside me could be released. And on the flip side it’s helps me to realise that we won’t be here for ever so I want to be present with it now, and not miss a single thing. It also helps me to realise that the good times roll but they probably will roll up and down as they do so it’s easier to not get overly attached to things staying the same. Being present with it all.

Right now for something else to make me feel better – sharing with you certainly has and prepping the playlist for tomorrow’s Good Vibrations show has as well. I will be live on air at 10am 112noon as this goes out so you can either tune in live for the rest of the show here or catch it on Mixcloud here.

With until tomorrow.











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