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No one shows up in the way you can. - Barefoot Ambition - The Intuition Coaching Company - Love The Skin You're In! | Barefoot Ambition – The Intuition Coaching Company – Love The Skin You're In!

No one shows up in the way you can.

Today’s card reveals such an important but simple message – let’s discover why?

From the moment of birth, the seeds of our uniqueness the seed of our great essence is already firmly planted- deep inside of our Soul.-.and because of this together with your unique human experiences no one can show up in the way you can. These experiences will have been essential so that you can show up – fully wholly completely imperfectly.

If you have ever watched someone truly be themselves, embracing all of who they are you can genuinely feel it – it’s easy to watch them be- it’s easy to be around them when they are fully showing up. Our inner guidance feeds back to us that this is genuine that this is real. So when someone tries to copy someone else or imitate their way hiding their true self we feel it instantly through the same feedback – it just feels off.

Yesterday I posted about us all playing our unique parts, and the important thing to realise is in this life no understudy will do – no one can play us fully authentically- so if we don’t show up the part we came here to play simply can’t happen.

Please don’t underestimate the importance of being you – the way only you smile the way only you laugh the way only you frown, and also the way you light up when you do things that you love, when you connect with people in your unique way. And this world really does need you to show up -wholly -fully -imperfectly –in the way only you can.

You do this by peeling off the layers of imitation, by letting go of who you think you should be – by letting go of these thoughts especially:




If no-one can show up as you, don’t you think it means, it’s up to you to be YOU- at least you can! Do you really believe that a mistake has been made by Source? – Do you really think that you have not been giving the innate gifts and the exact human experiences necessary for your adventure. I’m not talking about an easy life – I’m talking about your Human Adventure. I really don’t believe that that could ever happen- the Universal intelligence behind this whole shebang really does know what’s it’s doing- so let go of the comparison and let go of the doubt. We can show up as the Divine being we are – all we have to do is show up and let our divine essence shine on through.

With love until tomorrow.


Psst… The good vibrations show that was live on yesterday is ready for replay via mixcloud. My guest was the delightful Ailsa Graham aka Instagram’s one and only –Flamingo Fair– to check it out click here and to catch other shows take a peek around the Good Vibration playlist in total here.






  1. Roxana Vilk · February 28, 2018

    I so needed to hear this thank you bernie! I did something terrifying for me and posted up a clip of me practising a song with messy kitchen and kids watching telly in background cause that’s how it really is and I wanting to show the true and authentic creative process of making music and being me but it’s atill scary! As you fear being judged etc so this was so timely as always ❤️ lots gratitude and love to you xx

  2. Lucy Younger · February 28, 2018

    Thank you so much for your truly inspiring words x

  3. Bernie Petrie · February 28, 2018

    Hi Lucy so glad it resonates- only you get to be you – love B x

  4. Bernie Petrie · April 10, 2018

    Hi Roxana weirdly I’m just seeing this now and I was just smiling at a photo of you earlier- I was going through all the posts and wanted to read this again for me! and i find your words- love that you did that- your voice is such a blessing – no one can show up quite like you!!! love and sing on my dear sister B xxxx

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