My love for you is eternal.

So day 3 into writing daily and it certainly focuses the mind. I had a thought earlier that for some of you seeing the flowers daily might be enough as they will bring a message of your own. If you want to find out what I took from it read onwards -But remember If you don’t want to do either going forward it’s okay to unsubscribe. Just like the flower says- My love for you is eternal.

I decided to pick todays card from my flower deck before I went to my Friday morning Cross-fit session. In this way I could allow the ‘Divine Thought’ to enter into my subconscious mind as I went on with my morning knowing I would write later -trusting it could find the memory or inspiration that maybe this card was a nudge towards. Moments later with the card selected I am standing in front of the bathroom mirror looking into my eyes and decide to repeat the words you see in the flower.

My love for you is eternal- As I stood there looking into my eyes I could feel a strong emotion rising – I said it again. My love for you is eternal, adding all of you all of who you are – I will never abandon you. Again I could feel the emotions rise.

The following cross-fit session was particularly tough me for – the unexplainable feeling of being close to tears was strong and I wondered which part or parts of me I had awoken with my words. I began to think of the little girl I wrote about yesterday who had felt crushed and confused when the teachers praised her art but her classmates disliked that her art was being praised and I heard myself whisper to her – ‘it’s okay -we are okay -my love for you is eternal’. I managed to finish the WOD (workout of the day) but shared that I was feeling really teary which resulted in a spontaneous group hug. This felt wonderful. I felt her right there with us- letting her know we are allowed to express our emotions and that there is an abundance of love around us always- the words in the flower echoing over and over.

Later my dear friend Lisa (who is also my cross-fit Coach) was looking at a photo in my home taken of me and my husband – a couple of years prior to my awakening. It’s a lovely picture, lots of people comment on it – we look so happy. We had been skiing on our own for a few days and had a spontaneous photo taken by one of the roving photographers – but honestly looking at it had always caused me some bitter sweet memories. We chatted about what was in my head then and how the thoughts and secret shames I carried inside of me which of course popped up as the picture was taken had always tainted my view of that picture. So it felt as if I was a fraud-as if I was a fake- but really I had been a victim of my own thoughts.

The message I guess is –  so many beautiful magical times can be ruined by our unquestioned thoughts, telling us lies- taking us away from our natural joy. This is why it is crucial that we realise we are not our thoughts and that the thoughts that cause us suffering need to be questioned. She said she had always loved this picture but commented that it made sense now why I had looked wistful when she previously admired it. So there and then I looked at both the figures in the photo with new eyes towards my then self and my love D and whispered once more –my love for you is eternal. She needed to feel that too.

The lie of ‘I am not enough’ needs to end here for us all – each and every human being is fed the lie and the reality is God’s love for us is eternal and you feel it fully when you own that the Divine resides deep inside you, beginning the journey to love all parts of you, past and present.

So please take a moment to look into the mirror today and say the words as I did. Pay attention to any emotions and memories that come up and then my hope is a version of you that needs loving attention will make him/herself known and take the chance to send this message loud and clear, in the process you are bringing another part of yourself back home.


With eternal love and have a great weekend – I’ll be back on Monday!

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