Making room for a whole new beautiful life…

Did you know that today The Barefoot Sanctuary is six years old!!! I almost missed the day too- so Happy birthday to us and I very much look forward to the day we reopen our doors!

Prior to Covid- 19, on the last Sunday of every month, I held the Circle of light healing and meditation session, at The Barefoot Sanctuary. I started, this monthly circle last September and it grew to be a beautiful healing experience for all who attend including myself.

To finish the session, we always headed down to the beach, where I produced biscuits and hot drinks and gently invited the group to take off their shoes again to connect to the grass and sand beneath. 

Everyone knew it was coming as it’s part of the session description, but they may have thought I wasn’t serious in the colder months- however the weather was always on our side and I’m very serious about getting barefoot in nature, no matter what, even just for a few minutes- I’m delighted to report that everyone was always pleasantly surprised at how warm the earth actually felt and it is was the perfect way to finish what may have been quite an intense healing experience. 

But then, along came the Covid 19 global pandemic and we had to close The Sanctuary Doors.

This virus has forced us all to go inwards, to do another level of inner work that many of us have most likely, unconsciously been avoiding. So at this unique time, we get to choose to see this as an invitation to heal and grow or to resist all the way. Which do you feel you are choosing? or is a mixture of both? Both are okay. This is your journey, you get to choose.

As you know my breast cancer diagnosis came along at the same time, and I couldn’t help but figure that the two were uniquely connected for me to help me grow and to help me heal on a deeper level. The past ten years have been preparing me for the work that I know I must share more widely with others, and it forced me to heal those parts of me and become more visible online and be willing to show up there, that to date, I really only revealed here in my blog, in my book and coaching work, and I guess within the sanctuary.

This is what I was being reminded of, I am The Sanctuary- it lives in me, and if I owned that, then I can help people see that their own sanctuary lives in them too.

So I took the circle of light experience online as a free session on facebook live and to date we have held 5 incredible sessions. I wasn’t able to hold one last Sunday because of my second operation, which went really well, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your lovely messages. My heart has been blow wide open by all at the love and support, that has flooded my way.

As I type this today I feel more energised and I couldn’t ignore the call to write this blog. If you missed any of the circle of light sessions and are struggling with this situation, in any way, you can join in now and do the inner work by watching them on the You Tube channel. People have joined the sessions from all parts of the world, and many of the people who have taken part have never been in the circle with me before or fully contemplated that they are beings of light on a human journey. It’s been so beautifully healing for us all.

The next session will take place this Sunday 10th MAY at 10.30am GMT via The Barefoot Sanctuary Facebook Page.

Right now, as we start to move towards what looks like the start of phase 2 in the lockdown, the message I’m getting as I spend my days in and out of the garden barefoot, is that nature is inviting us to reconnect with her in a whole new way. Every time my feet connect with the earth healing is happening. So I wanted to share with you this poem that I have written which we use in the sessions, and a powerful but short exercise which may help you if you want it to go deeper in your own healing journey today. 

More than the eye can see.

Let go of labels

Let go of shame

Let go of blame

Trust in the bigger picture 

Trust in more than the eye can see

Trust that what’s real is possibly right now invisible to thee

Let your heart open

Let your guard fall

Let me help you to remember to cherish it all

Let yourself return to the love that is true

Let me help you to remember that LOVE is YOU!

Now using a pen and piece of paper I invite you to carry out this exercise.

1.What are the labels that you have used to describe yourself in the past?

2. What are you still feeling ashamed of from your past?

3. Who do you still blame from your past?

Don’t over think the answers just allow the words and memories to come- These questions may make you feel emotional, that’s okay – allow yourself to feel it all and be gentle with yourself as you go. (you can repeat this exercise frequently over the coming days and weeks if need be)

Now I invite you to take a few slow breaths in through your nose, down into your belly, and then rip the piece of paper into tiny pieces to put into the bin or you can burn them safely. Finally take a moment or two to step outside to connect with the earth, by standing barefoot on some grass and breath in the present moment of your life right now, and allow yourself to be, right now!

Just like mother earth so beautifully does, we can let go of the past and move into the new season of our lives, and to do that, we need to de-weed our minds which can be so choked by the past, so that we too have room for a whole new area of beautiful colourful growth.

Then you can BE YOU right now. 

I’ll see you barefoot..

with love

Want more ? If you would like to work with me during this time on a 1-1- basis, I am doing a few sessions weekly by telephone, and have an opening for some new clients as of week commencing 17th May 2020- simply fill in this enquiry form and I will be in touch.

To purchase a copy of my book Permission To Shine simply visit any online book seller, I love Waterstones so give them a punt!

If you would like a copy of the Permission to shine card deck visit the online shop here.

And finally a reminder the free Circle of light session it takes place this Sunday 10th May at 10.30am – on facebook Live -all welcome x


  1. Suzie Mackenzie Smith · May 8, 2020

    Oh my goodness Bernadette, I had no idea about your breast cancer diagnosis. I am so sorry to read this. My thoughts and prayers are very much with you. I will hope to join you on Sunday at the Circle of Light. With lots of love Suzie

  2. admin1 · May 20, 2020

    hi Suzie, no need to apogees honestly- its an invitation to heal deeper- if you miss the circle you can catch them all on the Bernadette Petrie You Tube channel..let me know how you get on Love b xx

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