Make Peace with who you are.

This is such an important step in the self -healing, self -love journey. Acceptance of all that we are- all of our past choices – all of our so called mistakes- our shames our shadows- how we look and how we see the world. Making peace with our childhood experiences that have made us who we are today is essential – from this peaceful place – real miracles can happen.

Fully making peace with who I was led me for the first time to discover a Divinity within me that still takes my breath away. A Divinity that I was always taught resided outside of me. I had got it all wrong- being me was always enough, but i only discovered that once i made peace with all that I wasn’t and embraced all that I was.

Sometimes I am so aware of this divinity that I feel like I am literally in heaven. I don’t believe that we come here to earn a way to heaven, by making peace with God, we discover that we never left when we make peace with ourselves.

At other times I can see how I have jumped back into a small battle with myself and things feel far from heavenly. This lasts much shorter than it used to, but it’s a reminder that peace is something that needs maintained. We only have to look at the world stage to seek how peace can be shattered all too easily. If we don’t invest in peaceful behaviour, if we ignore the darker elements and the personal power we all weld- things can get messy all over again.

If we look at our mirrors and by that I mean all that is reflected back at us from the world and judge any of it, peace has been broken. Somewhere a battle no matter how small is underway. I think it’s because we are still often in denial of our flaws- Subconsciously we seek perfection from all around us because we can’t bear our own imperfections- we need to make peace with all parts hiding in our subconscious.

Once we make peace with our imperfections -our humanity – only then can see perfection in those around us.

I know in the past, as I navigated my way through different social groups, I struggled with many parts of me- I can remember this starting as early as 4, my shyness, my uncertainty, my intelligence, my religion, my nationality, it was my social class, my weight, my accent, my skin colour, my occupation, my ambition. my eating choices, my music choices, my hair colour, complexion, chest size, thigh size- sense of humour, my sense of seriousness- even my spirituality- I could go on – it’s an endless list.

In each and every turn I was at times the total opposite of being at peace with who I was. Yet now I have faith that each and every one of those elements must be needed. These elements were essential and still are essential for how I am meant to show up in this world.

Sure they are different from people that I admire, more similar than I want to admit from people that I judge- in both cases of comparison I am at war with who I am – that’s a war where no one gets out alive. I do think we are here to wake up to a reality- the reality that the peace is within us- and always was- it was never about someone else’s actions or way of showing up.

It’s exhausting and depleting to say the least to be in a constant state of war with who we fundamentally are.

None of these things can ever define us – that’s never about what this experience is about- we are much more complex – our past choices are complicated- but our time here as Spiritual beings on a human journey and all that comes with it is temporary- fighting all the way through it is the madness.

The moment we stop fighting with ‘the character’ we get to have in this experience the sooner we can harness the skills and superpowers that come with it. Trying to be like someone else and rejecting any part of ourselves negates the gifts that only we have individually.

Nothing has gone wrong in the creative process- it is our personal war within ourselves and only we can call – ‘Time for peace’- and making peace with who we are – all parts of who we are is the only to guarantee lasting peace.

With so much love until tomorrow.

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  1. Millie Buchwald · April 19, 2018

    Hi … Bernie , you are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really am absorbing your wisdom …. thank u so very much ….., have a beautiful day my friend

  2. Bernie Petrie · April 19, 2018

    hello Millie How lovely to hear from you I remember pulling your card from the RYL series- I am so pleased to hear that- thank you and sending love to you. ps and any additional questions just send them through. Bernie x

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