A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to Robert Holden, one of the UK’s leading experts on LOVE, for the first time, when he was speaking at the Hay House Conference in Glasgow. Robert has spent much of his adult life researching and studying the meaning of love, and happiness.

I first came across Robert a few months prior to the Conference, through a Spiritual Magazine by Watkins. In fact, looking back, it confirmed the need for me to book my ticket, as it was advertising the conference, and his name was on the list of Speakers. The magazine featured an article about Eckhart Tolle, who is one of my favourite Spiritual teachers, and how I came about getting the magazine in the first place. I got so excited, as I read Robert’s article. He was talking about ‘self love’ and it resonated so much with everything that I have come to know and yet again affirmed to me the power of loving the skin you’re in . Listening to him speak was brilliant and his words “love is our true power “ have been written on a post-it note and stuck up on the wall above my desk.

I have also just spent the last week or so listening to his audio book called Loveability, which his talk was based on, ( I would highly recommend it) and I will be using it to prepare for the next phase of ‘Love the skin you’re in’ workshops, later next month.

It also inspired me to write the following poem.

Writing poems is something that I love doing, using rhyme feels fun and most of the ones I’ve written over the years still make me smile thoughtfully or laugh out loud today, and so I’m going to make an effort to write some more going forward. The poem is also inspired by the new James Blunt single, ‘bonfire hearts’, which I absolutely love singing along to and as I do, I remember something I heard Neale Donald Walsh of Conversations with God saying, which was this:

“next time you listen to a love song replace the word You for the word GOD”.

If you have read any of my stuff before, you will know that like Neale I equate God for the LOVE that is inside us, so with that in your heart, I hope you enjoy, and the next time you hear bonfire Heart on the radio, remember that’s you!


Love is eternal, it never goes away,
it’s only a deception that makes us sometimes think the other

Love is who we are, it’s everything we’ve got,
For us to think otherwise, is what causes the rot

A light deep down inside us, is who we truly are
A light that’s always burning, awaiting our returning.

The more that we remember, the brighter it will glow
And then one day you’re fires so bright, your whole world gets to know.

Your fire ignites another and on and on it goes
until all round loves blazing and that, well that’s amazing!

Be the spark of your bonfire heart!

With love

Bernie x


  1. Kristina Semple · March 13, 2018

    This is lovely ! Thank you

  2. Bernie Petrie · March 13, 2018

    Hi Kristina, thank you – gosh i wrote this even before i set up the Barefoot sanctuary so thank you for giving the nudge to reread it myself- the quote I referred to by Robert Holdon is now a poster on the wall- How did you come by this post in particular? B x

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