Love and forgive all parts of you.


So the trip to Olhao in the Algarve has come to an end, and  once again I’m on the plane as I write this to you. It has been a magical adventure with my friend The Mad March Hare filled with meeting new friends from all parts of the globe. All of them were in their own way creatives passionate about their business’s. These business’s ranged from food events and holiday planning, skincare- pottery- journalism -yoga -dance -art – photography wine making and other creative endeavours.

In some ways they represent the entrepreneurial pioneers, who are leading the way with the creative business model– being willing to fail again and again to make their magic happen and for some having succeeded it doesn’t feel like work- it is their passion.

During a walking food tour with the amazing Joana from Eating Algarve we learned a lot about the history of Portuguese food as we munched our way along. Throughout the day as Joana spoke she repeated this line several times:

We were invaded and we were invaders and our food represents that now’

Throughout the first century the Spanish, Africans, Balkans invaded one by one and as they did they brought their food ideas and their traditions. Then when the Portuguese invaded other countries they brought their influences and mixed these with the countries they invaded. What is evident in Portuguese food and in their attitudes now is the huge mixture of all of these elements.

Now before you think I’ve switched to writing a food blog let’s take a look at how maybe todays thought comes to play in this.

We were invaded and we were invaders – Love and forgive all parts of you.

When I chatted with Joana later that evening I asked her about the acceptance of invader as well as invaded- She smiled and nodded in agreement. “Yes maybe we have accepted all of our parts and are much more in balance now because of that.”

One of the things that stood out for sure amongst the Portuguese I spent time with in the last few days was their overall balanced friendliness. Their acceptance of the invader and invaded identity must surely be a contributing factor in that. Through their long history of evolution and political unrest somehow they have been able to forgive all parts, all sides and the result is that they live as a balanced people. They are in tune with themselves and a real sense of balance and emotional strength is evident. In this trip I got to meet more of the people behind the energy that was palpable when I visited Lisbon last August – that energy was very loving and friendly- now I knew why.

In Irish and Scottish history, I often hear about invasion but never yet have I heard us describing ourselves as invaders. Based on the Spanish history timeline that our guide referred to I am sure we must own the role of invader in there too.

Maybe a key element to the healing and peace we all seek lies in our acceptance of our national history over the centuries and our family history our personal history too. By taking responsibility and owning all parts the invader and the invaded we can lean into loving and forgiving all of them equally.

The contact I have had over the last few days with this group of individuals echoed this sentiment – it feels to me that they really are loving and forgiving all parts of their personal history accepting in the process that we are all both sides of the same coin.

Because of this the inner work is being done.

Because of this Casa Fuzetta is attracting the energies of healing- proving magic really does happy everyday in many ways.

With love until tomorrow

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