Look in the mirror – smile at who you see.

In the fairy tale world – the enchanted mirror is the wicked Queens constant go to- she uses it to appease her deep and painful insecurities, and so in the modern world a mirror brings up vanity and shallowness and I can certainly relate to that. I can sympathise with the Queen’s frequent need for reassurance. As a teenager I would pass a mirror in my school almost daily and just like the Queen I couldn’t resist looking into it. Every time I did I whispered a prayer – please make me look the most beautiful I can be- please make seem more beautiful today.

In the Fairytale the mirror is the home of someone imprisoned, someone who was enchanted only by her external beauty and in that perspective it is far from magical- Looking back I can see that I too was the prisoner in the mirror, and the Queen -mesmerised by external beauty and feeling totally bereft of it.

Yet what if mirror’s truly are magical portals – through which  you can see your inner wise self – a portal where you could connect eye to eye with your Divinity.

When little children below the age of 2 look in the mirror they always reach out to it – as if they see someone else. For years Psychologist’s have said that it is because they have yet to develop a sense of self and it is usually 18months onwards that this occurs- they then can see only themselves. You test this throughout their 2nd year by putting a large red dot of lipstick on their head and standing them in front of the mirror from time to time. Initially they will always instinctively reach into the mirror – wanting to connect to the person they see there- they will smile and laugh at each other- it’s a beautiful thing to witness. But then one day they will suddenly just stop reaching into the mirror and smiling at who they see. Instead they will put their hands up to their forehead and wipe off the lipstick – self awareness and self consciousness has begun-  this magical portal now seems closed. I remember doing this with bot of my children and I remember feeling saddened on both occasions when the magic seemed to stop.

Because – What if up to that point they have been connecting with Source?- their inner wise self because in reality they are still fully aware of the connection – fully conscious and in the bubble of love. No wonder they laugh and smile.

What if we can all reconnect to Source via this magical portal?

I’ll admit I was one of two tequilas down when I stepped into the toilets on board the River Boat on a christmas night out. It was the late 90’s and I was at the height of my career and deeply unhappy. I really needed to be alone for a few minutes unable to bear the weight that wearing that corporate  mask .

When I looked into the mirror and let the mask fall away for those precious moments suddenly (just like I must too have done as a small child) -I looked directly into the eyes of another. In that moment I know I saw my inner wise self. I remember laughing and engaging with her in the way little toddlers do and it was a sweet sweet reunion. It still makes me smile to think of it today.

The smile she gave me was incredible – for a moment all pain dissolved – pain caused by my own insecurities – and momentarily I felt free- free to finally be me.

That was 20 years ago and whilst it lasted only a few minutes it was a pivotal moment in my life- within 2 years I had shifted into a much healthier mindset and was months away from becoming a mother for the first time finally leaving behind the life I had never actually wanted. I had reestablished the connection and from here on my Inner Wisdom was able to lead the way. Today as I verge ever closer to entering another new decade I welcome the opportunity this post has given me to revisit the wise one that when I take a deep breath I am able to see in the mirror. These words always help me and if you want to take a leap into your own portal then maybe it’s time to take a fresh look into a mirror too.

Aided by these words (a little lyrical verse of song that I came up with a few years ago) -reconnect with your very own Inner Wise Self ..

Coming Home.

“Look in the mirror
Smile at who you see
tell the whole world
You’re happy to be me

Look in the mirror
Smile at who you see
tell the whole world
and set yourself free!!

Tell the whole world
You’re happy to be me!”

With love until tomorrow

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