It’s time to be your own best friend.

I have a Kate Spade journal, that was given to me, by my husband, on my recent birthday. He’s given me many journals over the last few years, as he accepts, (and Supports) my desire, to write down my thoughts, apparently, isn’t going away; but this one, felt kind of different, it felt immediately, more sacred, if you like, and, as if, I needed to pay, close attention to it’s message.

Part of it’s purpose, became clear, a couple of months ago, when I woke up in the middle of the night, with the words of the now poem, Are You Waiting For Permission, flooding, out of my head. I managed to grab it, in the darkness, as it was still in it’s, unused state, by my bedside, and scribble down the first few lines, and so part of it’s purpose, emerged into being- the birthplace of Barefoot poetry; and over the next couple of weeks, I would go on to write several more, and I continue to do so, regularly.

On the cover it says the following:

With Freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

The first time, I read those words though, I’ll be honest, I was a bit, hmmmm…; and because I have a desire to create similar journals, and yet haven’t, (they will come) my inner critic, yelled at me, a bit too, and so a part of my brain read the text, as if, it was saying…

How dare you not be happy? and how dare you want more…and then, you should have done that already…

But, over the next few days and weeks, as the words seeped through my mind, via my heart, and it started to fill with poetry, a new perspective emerged, and I came to realise, that the words, were, actually, guiding me, as I prepared to share, the importance of being your own best friend, in the February Barefoot Talk.

Put simply, being you’re own best friend is what FREEDOM is to me, and if we are that, and if, because of that compassion, we actually feel free, well, how could we not be happy?

I kept the journal close by, on the night of that Barefoot Talk, and read two of the poems that were birthed in there, as part of it. If you missed that event, well my lovely readers, here you go, you can now watch it for yourselves, “>here, and please feel free to share it with anyone, who would benefit from this message.

But, before you tap into the video, either now or later, just stay with me, for a moment longer, to take a look at some things we might be able to strive to become free of, so that we can actually feel FREE..

FREE from…. perfection… from should, …from judgement (of ourselves and others),…from comparison
… from fear (paralysis),… from self doubt (paralysis),….from shame, ….from guilt

FREE from…
self loathing, …. from jealousy, …. from suffering, …..from worry, …..from hatred…. from doing, ….

from scarcity, …. from obligation, ….from labels, …. from expectation

and on, and on, and on, it could go…


BUT, could we simply, always, always, be free to …






FREE to be YOU…FREE to be ME?

In truth, I believe, our quest, is to discover for ourselves, what our freedom feels like, looks like, smells like, and then, step onwards evermore, towards that. If you are struggling, to get clear on that, start like I did, and continue to do, and pay attention, to what in your life represent’s, what it does not feel like…and trust me from that awareness and discontent, magic can happen.

Every day we have a choice, we all have, I can no longer, concur, to the limiting belief, that we are not, FREE TO CHOOSE, that we have, NO CHOICE, because here’s the thing, that I now know, from my own experience:

I always do, and I always have, had a choice, it’s just, sometimes the alternative scared me, or felt in that moment too painful, so I didn’t do the other option; in fact I couldn’t even see, the other option; but it was there, always there, and in starting to see that, in pausing, questioning, trusting, and finally surrendering, I moved towards my own liberation…


With love and a free heart,

Till the next time.

Bernie x

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Love Bernie x

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