I’m not dancing on my own.

As I write this  I am am 20,000 feet in the air winging my way to Portugal for a bit of an adventure at a magical destination called Casa Fuzetta with my lovely friend and Barefoot practitioner Amanda Farnese Heath. She is practicing what she and I preach- self-love by taking a nap and I have my headphones on-listening to Kylie Minogue’s latest song ‘Dancing’– It’s so good- honestly – do play the video at the end. It’s a fresh and surprising new Country twist from the Queen of Pop.

The chorus line is ‘When I go out I want to go out dancing – dancing” – LOL I’m literally mime singing it to you and dancing in my seat!

The thing that makes me smile all the more about today’s thought is the knowledge that on this eternal magical spiritual adventure I am not dancing on my own. You are dancing with me– so firstly thank you from the bottom of my heart for dancing in your own unique way alongside me- some of you I have literally danced with in person– others in spirit because when I go out in the here and now and when my time comes I want to go out dancing too. (that will make more sense if you listen to the song)

Dancing along with us is my new friend Maja Karlsson, and below is an upcoming event, that compliments all that I am writing about in these daily posts and I wanted to share it with you before I get all consumed with the delights of Olhao Portugal .

Starting on March 12th, Maja Karlsson is hosting a stellar virtual event she’s calling Reclaim Your Life: Get Clear, Simplify, Do Something Worthwhile and she’s invited ME to speak!


I’m so excited! Yes I’m on my way to a magical weekend but here is why you could get excited too. Not only is the event free to attend, but I’m just one of over 24 speakers who will be sharing their insights and success strategies. Joining me are:

Dr. Katie Henry
Michele Jabre
Rachel Jones
Jennifer Main
And 18 more!
The subjects we’re talking about include: mindfulness, self-love, wellness, inner transformation, joy, gratitude, simplifying and minimalism.

Do do you want to keep dancing on and you join us? Register here right now, while you’re listening to Kylie.

Remember, the event starts on Monday March 12th so be sure to mark your calendar, if this does resonate – I promise you will get to hear just what you are needing right now.

With love to you until tomorrow when I’ll be writing from Villa Fuzetta in Portugal.

Ever dancing


P.S. Together, we want to help you to stop surviving your life and instead start to THRIVE in it! So, JOIN US for this FREE ONLINE EVENT!  



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