I left you a clue.

Yesterday afternoon I did a Facebook live talking about the auto pilot. If you aren’t on Facebook live you may have missed it so here it is for you to take a peek at.

I finished by reading out the first draft of a poem that had been inspired by this subject and as I’ve written it down here for you it’s taken a new twist and so reads a little bit differently – so you have the video version and this new written version. Either way, I hope you enjoy and would love to hear from you, about where you have been on total conscious autopilot, and how you are going to weave from that into other areas of your life going forward.

I left you a clue. 

I left you a clue, undamaged intact

It’s the thread that burns brightly

just remember to weave from that.

What is this thread, I hear you ask?

Ponder this question and then you’ll know..

psst…Where did most of your cobwebs grow?

here is another clue from me to you..

It’s where you have been the most courageous, wise and fully alive.

look inside and you’ll know- it’s your springboard to thrive.

and then this journey will feel like a dance, heck like a jive!

Like the spider who spins, as she remembers it all

the web of your life will glisten, and shine

and the glory of you will be just Divine.

Just tap into me

search out those cobwebs,

I promise you’ll see.



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