Hold your belief’s loosely in your hands.

If I close my eyes I can still see her stillness as she led the session – her name was Sharon – I don’t know her surname, and weirdly when I looked back to my journal I’ve no mention of her – it was more sporadic in reality it seems- but I think of her words frequently and consider her one of my early spiritual guides when I awoke to a new reality in July 2010.

Most of the words that I have written on these 250 plus flower doodles are ones that I’ve come up with but there are a few that are from the mouths of others such as –What other people think of you is none of your business- and this is another if them of them. The fact that she was Irish was a lovely bonus. Sharon seemed to have the incredible ability to thread beautiful lessons in fly away like comments- I remember saying to her one afternoon that I wouldn’t make one of her classes but that I would be there in spirit and she just smiled so warmly at me at me and said “I think you’ll find it wise to take your spirit with you Bernie”- I realised something else very important in that one about how we throw around our words without fully understanding the energetic meaning. Isn’t it incredible how a couple of comments can steer you back on course. She is probably not aware of the profound affect she has had on me. I will always think of her as one of my Guardian Angels- her Divinity shone through.

So it was in her first class that I heard the words written in the flower.  I have gone on to share these words and work daily to embody them again and again. They are a constant reminder to me on each and every step of this human journey.

As she sat quietly knees crossed on the floor in front of a small group of us – who were also sitting on the floor, she held a book loosely in her hands. As she did so her hands were in an upward facing open position- very gently she opened with this sentence:

“As you walk through this life I encourage you from here on in to hold your beliefs’ loosely in your hands”  

You see when we hold onto to any beliefs tightly there is no room for growth change, expansion. The energy is that of fear and the results are generally limiting.  When we hold onto a belief tightly – sure we might get to be right but does it feel good in your body to hold onto something this tightly- it will start to get exhausting. Even the belief’s I have today I realise I must keep loosely in my hand because life is always revealing another perspective and what was true for me today may no longer be true for me in the future- my expansion depends on that space -that freedom to explore.

One of the stories that I just keep coming back to is the belief that the earth was flat. Now I know for us it seems ludicrous that people used to believe this. However, this belief was as strong and as real as many of the personal belief’s we may hold today-

This belief was based on fears and hearsay and it kept people safe. Those that disregarded this strongly held belief were considered ‘mad’. As with everything as more and more people questioned this – their strongly held beliefs thereby loosened their grip -the tipping point came and well the rest is history – but those that held onto it rigidly never did experience the New World.

We will constantly have the opportunity to step into a newer world – a more expanded human experience- as long as we remember to continue to hold any of the belief’s that guide us gently, so that we can always question them, and update them allowing room for our natural expansion as we journey onwards in this magical Universe.

So whatever beliefs you realise are holding  today in your hands- hold them loosely – so that you can see them from all angles and if fear pops up as you look at them – just remember those brave adventurers who headed off in large ships to the edge of the world and take a step towards your own adventure.


With love until tomorrow.

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