We heal ourselves by peeling back the layers one at a time.

As I write this I have just had the most beautiful massage in a candle lit room here in the healing atmosphere of Portugal’s Casa Fuzetta – I have had my fair share of massages, however today I realised I had never properly gone into the room with a healing intention. But I sensed that I did today as immediately the massage felt different.

The Therapist started on my legs and quickly moved to my feet which was incredible. Then during the part of the massage where the Therapist was working on my tummy, I noticed that I was not feeling at all awkward or self conscious in the way that I might have been before and instead I noticed I had totally surrendered to her touch. My Caesarean scar and post babies belly seemed to lap it up. As it did it brought Brandon Bays to mind who in her book The Journey describes how a powerful massage played a massive part in healing the tumour in her tummy. I have no such issues but I did begin to wonder however about any additional emotional layers of stuff that I had the potential to release here too.

Afterwards whilst sitting sipping tea I looked to my left and noticed these words. ‘The best is yet to come’ engraved onto a beautiful glass bottle. Considering how I was already feeling – my face cracked open into a huge smile and every cell in my body seemed to vibrate- I began to wonder- what exactly was to come?


The best was yet to come.

Upon returning to my room I decided to look up Brandon Bays so that I could share her link with you.- The way she works with people is very similar to the way that I work with my 1-1 clients. I had already experienced what she describes in her book before I read about her so it has been an amazing resource to tap into and has because of her well earned credibility it has  helped me to explain it to clients all the more.

What I didn’t expect when I decided to look her up was that I was about to go on another healing journey of my own. I had a blog post to write for heavens sake!

My friend Julie’s words used initially in a slightly different context came to mind one more -“Do the F***ing work!” Our healing is after all the real work here. From that all limits are off.

For the next 30minutes or so I lay on the bed with my eyes closed and literally journeyed with Brandon Bays. Without doubt another layering of healing took place. I can feel it in my body and it was evident as I went on to spend time with others in the villa – another part of me has been revealed, another part of me has been healed and so another part of me has come home. If you watch the video you will see that she is still peeling back her own layers, one at a time.

So are you ready to peel of another layer and receive the healing? If yes- why not take a journey with Brandon as I did or if you want the in person experience with me by all means book a session.

Either way I would still urge you to click on the video below and take your own healing journey right now and let me know how you get on – remember don’t just watch it – do it all. Our participation is the key ingredient.

We are all in this healing journey together, healing one layer at at time and we have the ability to heal ourselves one layer at a time – again and again and again.

With love from Portugal

Until Monday.



  1. Tracy · March 10, 2018

    Thank you for this share dear Bernie. This has come at absolutely the right time for me.. so I did my wee session with Brandon and feel the benefit already. Enjoy Portugal and now I will step out with a bit more energy hopefully!! Xx

  2. Bernie Petrie · March 10, 2018

    hi Tracy thats just so wonderful – I’m thrilled you did the journey- my heart is bursting with joy at such news- thanks for letting me know – so much love to you from what is now very gorgeously sunny Portugal bernie xxx

  3. Jo · March 11, 2018

    Hi Bernie, loving your blogs and also did the session with Brandon, having done one before it was great to do it again. Thank you so very much for the inspiration to keep moving forward and acknowledging how far we’ve all come! Enjoy Portugal and the sunshine, much love, Jo xxx

  4. Bernie Petrie · March 12, 2018

    Hi Jo thank you for the feedback-the daily writing is certainly helping the creativity- the more you create the more creative you feel- the journeying is very powerful isn’t it- so glad to hear you did it too! Back home in Scotland sending you much love B xx

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