Your Gremlins don’t live in nature.

For years thousands upon thousands of holiday makers find their way to the coastal town of North Berwick where I live. It’s as if the sea pulls them here. It certainly pulled me here 13 years ago.

One thing I discovered early on in my time living by the sea is that I always felt better after time out in nature. It was here where I took up running and sea swimming and both of things things have played a huge part in healing my psyche. I also noticed that if i took the kids to the beach which we did a lot – they would come alive and play together so well- no fights happened in nature.

Plain and simply – our gremlins don’t live in nature- so any time spent with here is less time spent with them.  With increasing numbers of humans being diagnosed with stress depression and anxiety, I think one of the key additional solutions is time in nature. Whether that’s on the beach in the water in the woods up a mountain, there is something so powerful in hanging out in this high vibrational environment.

During my Time at the Glasgow Priory I was shocked how disconnected from nature the building was. The staff worked long hours and the whole building set up was such that it was all too easy to close out nature. Deep down I knew the healing effects of being in the sea and being in the woods- i felt that mother nature had finally got through to me and that more than anything i needed rest and time in nature- so spending 6 weeks in this closed off environment was one of the hardest parts of my stay.

A mantra that is close to my heart now is Everything that is happening is happening for you and so with my new found connection to Source I chose to trust that there was a good reason i was in this environment. I feel I was in part there to see how the system of mental health care needed to change- how it needs to work with mother nature to let her raise the vibrational energy of those who were feeling the pain of being a human on earth. This is why The Barefoot Sanctuary and the type of coaching that I offer now exists- all led by the high vibrational healing effects of nature.

My first room tat The Priory did have a beautiful tree right outside and it was so peaceful to look out at the- but if I came out of my room to the staff station it was dark and totally devoid of such peace. After a day or two I started to leave my door open wide deliberately so that the staff could get some sunlight, and feel the healing effects from this tree and there were certain staff members who I know that made a big difference too.

If just having a view out to nature can make such a big difference – how big a difference do you think full emersion in nature regularly can make to your life.

I no longer experience stress or anxiety in the way I did back then and yes sure I went through some traditional therapy and I did take meditation for a while too but without nature – without it’s powerful medicine life would feel very different.

It’s time to really let nature play its part.

With that I’m off outside.

Love until tomorrow

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