Get Up-Dress Up-Show Up!

As I write I’m sitting at my kitchen table and it’s a joy to hear once more the tap of my fingers on the keyboard- it’s a sound that I always hear daily in my head but as you cannot read my mind the words I have tapped out there – more and more of late have been lost in that process- I apologise both to myself and to you for that as we start this New Year.

As I enter 2018 I feel a fresh desire emerging to share more written work with you so I plan to send you a lot more written posts this year again because when I do get the words out and onto the blog I know that I am showing up more effectively. I will continue to do the Radio presenting with The Good Vibrations show for now on Radio Saltire– come and tune in on Tuesdays from 16th January at 10am. This year I am pledging to myself that it will not detract me from writing the blog posts. I have stalled with My Book Book project but if I’m honest that journey stalled somewhere in the middle of last year so I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to walk before I can run and so I will be finishing the E Book that I started 2 years ago which has since sat on my mac gathering dust. This is the task first and foremost with weekly blogs as before and take things from there. This will be free to all subscribers and I really look forward to sharing it with you in this quarter. In order to do this though I think I’ve got the message Source wants me to hear as on NY day someone shared with me their mother’s favourite mantra and it really struck a cord:

Get Up -Dress Up -Show Up!

As soon as I heard the words the deep wise part of me seemed to reawaken and I knew that they were words that were going to make all the difference if I acted on them this year- and that’s what I am aiming to do:

Get Up-Dress-Up-Show Up! at my lap top especially…

I have been sharing my journey on this blog for over five years now with lots of posts written and ah ha’s gained in the process so it got me wondering- ‘What do I know in 2018 that I didn’t know in 2009?’

The truth is somedays I don’t feel one bit wiser ( just ask my family) and like many humans who then delve into understanding themselves more- a muddle can form unknowingly. The knowing is more of a feeling but I think it is really always about the FEELING and so what I do know is that I still feel differently 7 years on-and have felt (and experienced this world) differently every day since the perfect storm of July 2010 when I woke up to the narrative of my own madness for the very first time.

Six months prior to that on January 1st 2010-I began the year with a deep sense of despair- shame and loneliness- but most of all with a real desire – a real need for things to feel differently from there on in. I prayed to know who I really was and for my life to have meaning and for the deep internal ache to be healed.  Little did I know that with that prayer and acknowledgement of discontent that the magical cogs of the Universe where already spinning perfectly to create the perfect storm of my awakening so that 12 months later when I woke up to greet the New Year of 2011 life in this body was freer and more magical that I could dared to imagine 12 months earlier. In short I believe a miracle in fact many miracles have occurred in my life since then and the 1st January 2011 acted as a real milestone demonstrating to me once more that miracles are real. This time I was beginning with a fresh perspective -free from the mad narrative that had dictated me for far too long. I felt free from the ache -free from shame and loathing. I felt plain and simply FREER and so it continues to be!

So why am I sharing this with you today? There are those of you reading this that will have a strong self of self and a strong sense of purpose already- You feel free daily -I see you and I am grateful for you in my sphere but there is someone maybe even more than one person reading this or someone you care about whom I realise doesn’t feel that way and just maybe feels the way that I did in 2010. It is for that person or that part of you that identifies with any of the above that I want to show up even more- I want you know that you are blessed beautiful and deeply valued just the way that you are- that your private prayers have been heard and the cogs are in motion for you too and I promise you with faith trust and a pinch of courage you are already step by step walking into a reality that will take your breath away. Sometimes you will feel tears of joy spontaneously and a deep inner joy that supersedes all material wanting – you will feel a strong sense of self that will of course feel like home and you will wonder how you could not always have felt this.

Let’s be clear though you will not always stay in this resting place and shitty days will still come again – often when you least expect them to but you will have the ability to click back into the new knowing reclaim the sacred feeling -the new peace whenever you actively choose to and that will make all the difference…

In those moments once more you will see that every moment in your life already had purpose you just weren’t aware of it.

– my life now more often than not feels purposeful but the truth is it always was -so my main message today is it’s impossible for you to not to lead a purposeful life- everything you do has a purpose- you just don’t necessarily know the full perspective of it yet- but you are exactly where you are meant to be and everything that seems to be happening to you is actually happening for you– It’s like Steve jobs said – it’s only in looking back that the dots make sense and if that is true for me and continues to be and feels miraculous then I cannot see how it cannot be true for you too.

I guess the most important question I want to ask you then as 2018 commences is this – Are you ready for the miracles to show up in your life? and if so- you might also just want to buckle up to be ready to receive them.

Love and cherish YOU

Until the next time.


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