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What part of you, are you holding back?

On the day that I write this blog this is how it began....I woke up this morning ... Wait for it HAPPY.. Yes the inside happy, that had been eluding me for a few days as my sensitivity barometer had run away with itself again.. (Yes it appears I had let the dog drive the car again). What was that made me happy? Well it was a knowingness, that its all going to be okay, all of it, that I'm…
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How are you fuelling your progress?

How are you fuelling your progress? Earlier this week after attending the funeral of a bright star, a gorgeous lady called Anita, I have been reflecting on something that she said to me a couple of years ago. This came about after I had recalled her words, to her Son. Those words, whilst significant within the context of the enviroment at the time, have proven to be ever more significant for every aspect of my life since, and as I…
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feeling the fear and doing it anyway is all very good but how do we learn to recognise that feeling as a friend not a foe?

Okay so like many of you no doubt I had read the book by Susan Jeffers "Feel the fear and do it anyway". For me it was over 20 years ago, thanks to our little stint in networking marketing. (Yes it was Amway but as life has proved everything happens for a reason so, no regrets.) Anyway I remember, it sort of helped me at the time and, one occasion in particular that jumps to mind,was preparing to telling my…
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