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A Barefoot Conversation with Life Coach Darren Stoupe

Love who you are and do what you love, that's the message and I won't lie, that takes vulnerability and it takes courage but it's so, so worth it.. Today I'm going to share with you someone who is doing just that, as daily he challenges himself to be more vulnerable, and by doing so has encouraged and helped his clients friends and family in the process. Sometimes okay frequently these days, I have to pinch myself as I can't…
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Home is where the heart is.

There's no place like home...there's no place like home, she was always searching and searching, wasn't she? Dorothy, always so desperate to get back home.. Where is home for YOU? Or maybe like me you have seen other movies and or read the stories where in a classic scene, the main character will have gone missing, is upset and sad, and someone close to them says: "I think I know where she/he will be" Moments later, in the next scene,…
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How full is your cup?

Last month at the Barefoot Talks, we had the speaker Alisoun Mackenzie sharing with us her 9 principles of Heart Centred Success and I remember her talking about the importance of getting the balance between over giving and not giving at all. I smiled at this because one of the biggest things that I work on is what I call: Serving from a full cup. I'm not sure who shared with me that statement with me, but it has been…
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Don’t be such a cry baby !

Running along the beach a few days ago, contemplating this blog post, I was given a clear sign that the topic I planned to talk about was on the mark, and yet at the same time it has taken a few days longer to write down my thoughts; it triggered parts of me that are still afraid to share, but if there is anything I have learned since blogging its this: Fear doesn't go away by avoiding it... As I…
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Barefoot Ambition Interview with Nature Coach Tabitha Jayne

In my new Barefoot world, I am constantly amused and delighted with how, new experiences, and people, come into my life; none more so than meeting the fascinating Tabitha Jayne. As self proclaimed 'nature geek' Tabitha has a special way of working with nature to help people heal and let go of Limiting Beliefs. I have personally experienced, the healing power of nature, and in my Coaching work, with my 1-1 clients especially, we lean into to nature, as part…
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Listen to your body, it knows the Hot Tracks!

Last night we held the very first Barefoot Talk, here at The Barefoot Sanctuary; kicking off with our first speaker in the form of Coach and Author Alisoun Mackenzie. It was a real culmination of time, energy and good will from many wonderful people, which made the event feel successful, even before we started, and of course it was a wonderful evening so I'm already really excited about the next one; in which we will talk about Mindfulness, with the…
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Look who’s talking!

My writing routine has gone out the window over the Easter holidays holiday's, so this post is coming to you a few days late, and the truth be told, things that I thought I wanted to say, well seems that's to keep for another day. A lot of stuff is shifting and changing at the moment for me, as I grow as an Energy Coach, so I'm processing a lot of my own energy changes, and taking some more of…
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Connecting to the real you!

I learnt something new about myself in the last week or so thanks to the nudges from The Universe to check out Gary Chapmans book, The Five love Languages. I got the first nudge whilst reading Alisoun Mackenzie's new book Heartatude, (she will be our first speaker at the Barefoot Talks this month click here to find out more) and as advised by Alisoun through self enquiry, I shared with my husband, that words and eye contact felt very important…
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It’s okay to wander, all will become clear.

I had an endorsement from my favourite former Priory Therapist earlier today via linked in, which in itself is so incredible, and in the process of clicking onto it, to send her a message of thanks back; she was the crucial person who introduced me to the world of Louise Hay; I saw that my profile said that I had graduated from Nottingham University Business School. That's not right I thought, then came the gremlin thought: "OMG...Will people think I'm…
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Are you running on auto-pilot?

As I type this weeks blog, I'm sitting on an aeroplane on my way back from a an extended few days in Marrakech Morroco. Together with a dear friend, I headed off on this long sought after adventure last Saturday. I was already curious about what my next blog post would be about, as I always am, from week to week, and I was mulling over this thought from time to time: What was I going to create in this…
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