She is following her own yellow brick road, my barefoot conversation with Leah Cox.

I’m doing the last few online things before getting ready to head off with my family for a digital detox to Tiree (a Scottish Island in the Outer Hebrides)


It’s a first time for me, after years of talking about going, but after my stint last month to Lewis, the call to head out there again was super strong. The plan is to do lots of boogie boarding, get lots of fresh air, eat yummy food, read and watch some good old movies.


This is also the ideal way for me to prepare for my Barefoot Talk  ‘Following your own yellow brick road’ which takes place on 27th October  at The Barefoot Sanctuary, 7.30pm (and yes please do come along).  Time out in nature always helps me to get clear on what I’m meant to do next on my yellow brick road.


The decision to go to Tiree feels ‘exciting’, and it feels ‘enough’ which are of course two of my core designs, so I’m taking this as a good sign, and I also totally recognise the tell tale signs that I’ve had too much computer time, so a detox feels bang on what my third core desire ‘love’ would do. Confused about what I’m talking about, here is a wee heads up, I will totally explain and aim to help you discover what your core desires are at my Barefoot Talk so that’s an extra good reason to come along….


Before the laundry washing and packing begins in earnest, I’m leaving you with a special treat in the form of a Zoom interview I did with fellow Life Coach, the lovely and vibrant Leah Cox.


If you have been following my blog for a while, you may have tuned in to an soundcloud interview I did with Leah a few years ago, and as I’ve gotten to know her better over the last two years, she is to me the total example of someone truly consciously following her own yellow brick road. I watched this interview back again earlier today and I got so much out of it, so I do hope it has come along at just the right time for you too.


So as I’ll be off all things social media until next week, that means no Instagram my favourite or Facebook  for me, and I look forward to sharing how that went next week. If you are having a digital detox or feel inspired too as well, share in the comments below how you do/did this best, and let’s all learn together.


Much much love to you.


Until the next time


Bernie x


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Love and more love..
B x


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