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Focus on your why and it will flow. - Barefoot Ambition - The Intuition Coaching Company - Love The Skin You're In! | Barefoot Ambition – The Intuition Coaching Company – Love The Skin You're In!

Focus on your why and it will flow.


When you focus on your why things really do start to flow. ‘Why’ is a powerful energy. I believe that when you knowingly or unknowingly connect with  your why  it activates your greatest strengths, and when these are in action its pretty hard not to achieve what you want.

Likewise if you don’t know your ‘why’ – these every strengths are not being used and things can feel stuck. It doesn’t matter what your why is – it’s that it is your why and as you grow it will shift and grow- but your Soul recognises the truth and therefore all of you is able to show up.

Let me tell you a  story from an early example of how the why supercharged me in achieving a goal. As a teenager my number one ambition was to become a student. – I had no deep desire to do any particular course – I just wanted to be a student in England- why? because I would get to go to a new country meet new people, I loved the idea of learning about life in this way and I loved to party so being a student was in the 80’s and 90’s a sure way of doing more of that. I am the 4th of seven and as I watched each of them head off to Belfast and Cardiff, this desire grew stronger and stronger.

However I had (repeatedly) failed my maths O’level and I didn’t want to risk not getting offers so thankfully I discovered that Social Sciences courses didn’t need them and I liked the sound of that well enough- Psychology Philosophy, Social Policy, – At that point my why did I want to these courses was honestly – because they don’t need maths- they ticked the box because my why didn’t involve what I studied it just involved me getting there. A couple of the options involved an in person interview and so for the very first time at age 18 I headed off on my own from Northern Ireland on the Ferry to England and visited both Loughbrough University  and Trent Polytechnic.

Now even though I wanted more than anything to be a student – I was not remotely keen on Loughbrough – it felt totally wrong for me in every way, however when we drove across the bridge to enter into the City Of Nottingham it felt like I was home, something seemed to click deep inside and I just knew I needed to be there. Without understanding it my ‘why do you need to let me in’ – got really super- focused.

My greatest strengths are enthusiasm and I’m pretty persuasive. In interviews I came into my own so when I sat down with the head of Applied Social studies with this additionally supercharged desire all those strengths came out with bells on.  When asked about my age and lack of life experience for the course – I remember saying “Look I do understand that but sometimes you don’t need to put your hand in the fire to realise it will hurt you” – “I have a sense of things and I am really good with people”. (I don’t necessarily stand by the former anymore but she did then)

You see the course was actually a Social Work degree and as he was listening to me – he was looking at a letter that I had written saying why I would be a good Social worker. Up until I’d seen that question I honestly didn’t even know what a Social worker was but remember my why to get to college?- well let’s just say it was probably a sign that a future in creative writing was in the mix. The night before the said interview I had even been to a student ball – I’ve still not met anyone who has packed a ball dress to go to a college interview. I was well and truly hooked- this was why I wanted to go to Trent Poly – I showed up fully and consequently he offered me a place.

A few months later however the exam results rolled in and I was a point short to get into to my dream of a student life. I was initially devastated but then I got super busy- you see in the meantime I had fallen in love with someone I had met at said ‘Ball’ in the area of boys- I could move mountains to make things happen. So on the phone I got and even though I was a point short – he remembered me from the interview and took a bet on me- plus I talked my way into Halls of Residence even though many of the places had supposedly gone- why?  because my why to be in halls of residence was paramount – no where in my vision of being a student did it involve me not being in halls! 

Something inside me was driving the show and although I didn’t understand it at the time- I now know it was where I was meant to be- because in that hall of Residence In Trent Poly is where I met the ultimate love of my life David P. and the rest is history! -yep the other boyfriend thing didn’t work out after all- there another story in there for another post but he was a massive driver to me persisting and for that I am forever truly thankful to that sweet english boy!

It truly doesn’t matter what your why is – what matters is that you why is leading the way and in that energy you are unstoppable! 

With love until tomorrow.

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