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Focus on how you want things to be. - Barefoot Ambition - The Intuition Coaching Company - Love The Skin You're In! | Barefoot Ambition – The Intuition Coaching Company – Love The Skin You're In!

Focus on how you want things to be.

As I write this post I am aware that by picking the cards seemingly randomly the topics may jump all over the place – a bit like our daily thoughts can.

It’s a message from the Divine that has been one of the most important ones for me to work on over the last 7 years, and so I am delighted to be writing about it on another snowy day.

Following that temporary bliss in 2010, I soon discovered that my thoughts and attention could switch so randomly and that even after the awakening I didn’t always create joyfully. I now understood I had a creative power but I still didn’t like all that I was creating.

Then I started working with a wonderful Energy Coach called Melody Fletcher who helped me to finally understand the Law of Attraction so that I could harness it effectively. Melody didn’t beat around the bush and she was always so direct with her message. Again and again she would say to me ‘Bernie where is your focus?’ or ‘Does it feel good to focus on that?’ Squirming usually followed from me at which point the penny would drop and I would feel well and truly re-awakened.

Finally, I began with great practice to see that if I focused on how I wanted things to be – hey presto that would come to pass. My relationship with my husband transformed  and the kids started getting on so much better. ‘Problems’ that would normally have me fretting for days began to work out easily and effortlessly- The coaching clients that I wanted to work with appeared and it was probably the biggest factor in helping me to create a workshop that I love called See Your Future – not surprisingly these fill easily and effortlessly. All by shifting my focus. You see we all want things to feel better- but we have to put our focus there in the first instance.

If you are skiing down a mountain – It isn’t wise- trust me – to focus on where you don’t want to go – you don’t want to focus on falling down, not unless you want to end up falling down of course. (I’ve done that too many times) No you would focus on the next turn – or in my case in my early days of skiing you would focus on the joy of getting to the bottom- for a hot chocolate. I can’t tell you how many times I have skied in my imagination as a graceful skier -to help my actual skiing. I began to realise that other things could do with the same sort of focus.

There is a better way than just worrying about ‘how things are now’ there is a better way than focusing on the challenge- the hardship -the angst. Yes, some might call it dreaming and fantasy, but another word for it is ‘visualisation’ and I have had too much evidence of this now to not believe its creative power- so have some other folk from all parts of life -you might of heard of them -Jim Carrey, Andy Murray, Martin Luther King.

This new ‘way of being’ has proven that focusing on how we want things to be is a lot much more awesome that stewing on how things are. I’m not talking about living in denial, I’m talking about in the moments that you are able to, especially before you are in the real time situation you pay attention to how you want it to feel and believe me you will be blown away by the changes.

You are a powerful creator so either way your focus will manifest – so why not make it beautiful. So if something in your life isn’t quite how you want it to be right now- whenever you can put your attention only on to how you would really like things to be instead. Do this as frequently as you can and let the feeling of that desired reality sink in and then keep moving forward.

Our focus really is powerful so let’s all harness it for the better.

With love until tomorrow.




  1. Pauline · March 2, 2018

    You are doing great with these daily posts. As you have to dig deeper for material , it’s like you are uncovering new facets of old messages for us . Thank you x

  2. Bernie Petrie · March 2, 2018

    ha ha yes its definitely dig deeper time- so glad you are enjoying them honey xx

  3. Kevin · March 2, 2018

    Really good post. I used visualisation techniques to recover from depression and still do to this day. Takes practice, but it works. Keep up the good work.

  4. Bernie Petrie · March 2, 2018

    Hi Kevin, that’s brilliant thanks for sharing, can you share an example perhaps?- so good to hear from you Kevin, its’s been a while. love B x

  5. Kevin · March 2, 2018

    Sure, it is called Positive Mental Training and is a 12 week cognitive program developed by Dr Alistair Dobbin and Sheila Ross. Originally developed for the Swedish Olympic team to visualise winning and improved performance. The program was found to also help people with depression by helping them use visualisation techniques to improve their life. Well worth a look if anyone is interested. I can say with complete honesty, it saved my life.

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