Embrace the parts of you that stand out.


When I pulled this card out of the deck today which turns to be one that I drew in December 2016- my initial thoughts were just the parts that are outstanding that are you know the ‘lovely bits’- but I was thrown a little intuitive nudge that said no not just those bits remember the original message- I mean the bits that made you stand out from the crowd – that maybe growing up that you tried to change – those bits my love- those bits.

Ah yes of course I remember now- you mean embrace the parts of out that we feel make us stand out from the crowd – that were hard to deal with growing up – that we desperately tried to change about ourselves- that we had a hard time understanding. yes we need to talk about these bits.

This is what I had to say about it back then:

“Embrace the parts of you that stand out- What part of you doesn’t fit in ? That doesn’t feel the same way as others do? That feels odd with the norm? That’s the “eternal part” of you so embrace it and use it as your guide- it’s the golden thread- it’s the way home!”

You see I no longer believe that The Universal Source of all that is, gets it’s wrong in our make up – my perspective has changed over the last 8 years so that I now believe that we have all been uniquely created for a very certain reason and that the parts of us that seem different are actually necessary for our time here to be the most effective if you like.

If you think of any person in history that has done something you truly admire or any close friend or relative who made a massive positive impact on you – chances are they understood that embracing all of who they were – i.e. the odd sticky out bits was the magical ingredient in their lives. The amount of energy we waste when we try to change what we think is flawed is one of the human tragedies, yet we probably all to a certain degree have to experience it, and I think it causes us the most suffering. From that suffering however we have the opportunity to remember who we truly are. In an attempt to blend in and make ourselves small we are missing the magical opportunity that awaits us on the other side of embracing exactly all of who we are.

Thankfully we are all surrounded by people who are awake to that in some degree or other – and as long as we don’t misunderstand that we are not here to try to be them- actually -let me take that comment back because – well I guess that’s part of the journey too, for I know I sure as heck did try to be like other people- but once we understand that we can be inspired by them to be ourselves too- things really do start to flow for us.

So whether it’s your skin colour -hair colour – accent- way of dressing- physic ability- introvert/or extrovert nature- sensitivity- sense of humour- sexual preferences or history- particular interests or perspective- cultural and religious or non religious perspectives- the list will be endless but there will be something that is obviously different about you- please embrace it all especially if it feels against the odds to those around you. There is a reason you experience life a certain way – it has clues and guidance – mystery and magic are weaved through it all and it is for all of our benefits that you express fully who you truly are and the perspective you truly have.

Don’t wish your oddities away- get curious about them – wholeheartedly and you just might see that understanding these unique seeds will make all the difference.

With love until tomorrow.


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