Your dreams are more supported than you know.



At the very heart of any dream is a desire to feel something – maybe it’s a desire to feel seen- feel loved- feel supported -feel free. The actual details of the dream are not nearly as relevant as the feeling locked inside them.

Often we are not totally aware of the truth behind our dream – so it can look as though it is not happening. However I believe The Universe is always listening and responding accordingly hence why there is such a thing as the Law of Attraction.

Emotional Desires are always being listened to and the Universe is  always responding and things are being put into motion – our job is to keep focusing on the dream and the feelings within the dream and to trust that it’s okay to keep dreaming bigger. It is also our responsibility to take action, in accordance with the support that is evident around us.

Maybe you dream of being a writer but day after day the fingers never make it to the keypad, instead you spend the same amount of time with amazing words and stories locked in your head- missing the queues the signals the messages coming your way. Or you dreamed of being free- but redundancy after redundancy you keep applying for other jobs- when maybe your real dream of freedom through travel lies at the heart of the reason why you keep attracting redundancy. Instead of applying for yet another job maybe it’s time to apply for that travel visa.

On a daily basis I can see ways that my dream of being free to be me are always being supported- at the essence of that dream is an authentic life – one where my family and I are open and honest with each other, and we enjoy supporting and loving each other whilst at the same time each of us are able to connect with other amazing souls from around this world. I still need to take the action- I need to put out that book proposal that someone is waiting for – I need to follow through with the conversation with those ready to dance on the table with me as we make it happen together. I need to show up to this lap top daily to make the book dream become real and I need to make time for those that I love right in front of me. They are the very reason why all of this matters. They lie at the heart of it and it won’t happen without my action. We are the directors of our dreams.

For some of us that miss the daily cues- the support is in the form of a redundancy, an illness, in fact any traumatic event that finally forces us to course correct to fulfil a dream we sent out into the Universe a long time ago. That is why you often hear people say in hindsight – “you know that was the best thing that actually ever happened to me”

Just because for a while we forget our dream doesn’t mean that it has been forgotten- magical forces do exist in our world that are supporting them all the way. The very fact that I am meant to write about this today and have had to have those honest conversations send those message – make the time for those I love and savour their presence in my life- just like in my dreams is massive evidence to me that it is true. I just have to lean into it and keep letting it shine through.

So please whatever you do today -take a few moments to dust off the cobwebs that are covering your seemingly forgotten dream and spend the time by believing in them and investing in them making them shine so that they are more visible to those that are ready to dance on the table with you too.


With so much love for the weekend I’ll be back in your inbox with bells on – on Monday.



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