Don’t waste creative energy on self -doubt.

Creative energy is something that we all have in equal measure. Sure it pours out in different ways and looks different person by person but essentially if we are all connected to Source which I have Faith that we are- we all have access to the exact same amount of energy.

So why do some people get described as so creative whilst others don’t?

There are layers to this with other factors at play. i.e. in how we absorb energy and how we use our own energy – I will write about how we absorb other people’s energy in another post- (remember the word Bluetooth) but right now I want to dive into how big a deal self -doubt is in using up this precious resource.

So let’s recap- every minute of every day we have the choice to be connected to the Source of all energy, and yet how we use it will have different results. The surprise for me was the realisation that I was using it up unknowingly.

Self -doubt uses up a lot of energy.

 Like me I’m sure many of you have a smart phone, and whilst you start the day on a 100% battery – there are some days when before you know it you are all out of juice.

Has this happened to you and has the thought been – “but I’ve hardly done anything with it yet”?

Then you discover that sure you are connected to the wifi but you might have left your mobile data on!

To me self-doubt is like data- round and round it goes in your mind thinking it’s being helpful and all the while it is draining you of your creative juice- when all the while you could be using that direct dial connection.

So just like with your mobile phone data you need to switch self-doubt off each and every day and stay when it simply is not helpful and stay connected to the unlimited creative Source that lies deep within you

Any time you find yourself pausing and not taking action on something you really want to do – it’s like you self doubt is whirring around in a loop using up vital reserves.

If you look at people that you admire in the world it’s sometimes easy to think that they have more talent more creative ability but I really don’t believe that’s the case.

They are just more disciplined at switching off self-doubt and are not waiting for permission for anyone else to say that it’s okay to express who they are. They are feeling the fear and doing it anyway – they will have taken baby steps before they took leaps so trust yourself to take your baby steps too.

In every day in every way you have the ability and the right to self -express- doubt is something that just comes with the package.

Once you accept that -you really don’t have to let it drain you of your creative power.

With love until tomorrow

Before you go…My guest on the Good Vibrations show earlier today was the lovely Anne Shivas- and we talked a lot about self-doubt- she is a great example of not letting it stop her fulfil her dreams of being a poet- you can listen to the replay here,

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