Don’t stay in the past – you won’t find me there.  

Over the last week or so I have come to call these flower cards The Divinity Cards. Essentially as I drew and doodled last year The Divine whispered these messages into my ear. It was always something that I needed to hear that day- and it helped steer me throughout my day.  My biggest desire is to live this life with that Divine guidance- these I feel make that possible. I am so delighted that they also seem to be what other people need to hear too. Hence the name Divinity Cards. I aim to publish these card decks alongside the upcoming book Permission to Shine. – Obviously I’m still working on the details but they have been a powerful spark as I sit down to write each day and I want to share them further. I would love any feedback from you as to whether this is something you would like to have access to.


So back to today’s card- you can see them all by the way now on my  Instagram  feed. Without a doubt this is one of the most powerful messages the Divine has for us. Our human suffering is largely caused by rarely being totally present. It is no surprise to me that I couldn’t hear her guidance because for many years I was stuck in my head and very often my head was way in the past. I can’t tell you how often I would replay scenarios in my head – have revised pretend conversations with people that either I was in conflict with or felt obligated to- conversations that were never going to happen that mostly didn’t happen- can you relate to that? This takes up so much of our precious creative energy and it is in the realm of the victim mind-set. It is far from the mind-set of the Divine.


The Divine can help us heal the past and she can help us to visualise the future but it all happens only when we are fully present – connected to our body and in that place we can feel our Divine presence within. Ruminating is like a fog that stops the clarity that prevents the solid connection – and we always tend to ruminate about the past.

‘If I had just said this’ or ‘if I had done that’ – ‘oh if only that hadn’t happened’. Things that didn’t happen -words that were said or were not said cannot be undone and we need to make peace with that– we need to let go of lives that are no longer open to us – business opportunities- job opportunity’s- relationships – if we stay stuck focusing on them – holding onto to something that has gone- we are far from present.


If we stay in the past – we are not truly living and the Divine only resides in the here and now. In truth there is no past there is no future there is only the NOW!


I know how hard it can be to believe that things can be salvaged, that you can make things that have broken work – but in my experience it was only when I totally let them be the past and moved into the present that the real direction of my life became clear and obvious. If I look back at the journal I had during the time at The Priory I was still believing that things with a business I had been involved with could continue- and every time I focused on it – I was missing the clues to the life that was to lie ahead of me- a new life led with Divine intention.


So take a moment and come back into present time as often as you can – of course you will catch yourself in the past, but day by day you will with practice life live divinely in the here and now. Here is a prayer you might like to try to help with that.


I am ready and willing to let go of the past – thank you for healing the parts of me stuck there- I am ready and willing to be divinely guided by you in the here and now, forever more. Amen


With love until tomorrow

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