Don’t Let fear keep you small –because keeping yourself small serves absolutely no-one.

As you know I have been writing these daily thoughts for about 5 weeks now- with the intention of getting the material for my first book- Permission to Shine into shape. As I have been writing these thoughts a pattern is emerging, helping me to shape and form the chapters. I’m sure you have spotted it and I can see that that in the 277 doodles varied repetition occurs. This is never by mistake – I for one need to hear the same thing in different ways before it sinks in sometimes.

Your feedback has been amazing – thank you – whether it’s in comments in person emails or comments on the blog page- they all touch my heart, and validates the message of today’s thoughts so completely- which as you can see combines 2 doodles making a whole complete sentence.

Don’t let fear keep you small- because keeping yourself small serves absolutely no-one.

I’ve realised that this book that I am creating isn’t actually about me it’s about us all. So many people relate to the thoughts and doubts that I have had – so it’s really about us all giving ourselves permission to shine, and that’s why I have to write it- because to not would serve absolutely no-one.


In my last post I wrote about being afraid of auditioning for parts in the school Musicals. I was so afraid of being laughed at and so convinced that I wasn’t good enough to enough give it a go. Yet I am 100% sure that the “gods” and Goddesses’ I talked about were afraid – that they all felt fear – but they just didn’t let it stop them. They maybe had enough faith that it didn’t matter if someone laughed, or that their desire just ebbed slightly higher than their fear.

For me today as I near the end of my forties it took that mid-life awakening to look back at too many lost opportunities based on fear, but it also took a surge of desire through self-awareness that gave me the push I needed to do many of the things that I had been too afraid of in my younger years. Fear was still there and she is there every day but the balance has tipped and she is no longer in charge of what I do.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how little kids can feel afraid of new thing, and they rely on leaning on them for assurance to take the brave steps forward. I guess that for me now I very much have Faith in The Universe in the way I must have done with my parents and older siblings as a very young child. I simply have faith that I am safe, that I am held in a loving guiding energy. If I stumble it will be okay, and if I tune into my body I can tell the difference between real and imagined fear.

Just like a little child we take baby steps towards fearful things, and I have faith that just like them we are being protected to an extent that we will always step towards things we can handle, things that will make our lives bigger- things that will serve the bigger picture.


With love until tomorrow.

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