Don’t be afraid of who you are.

As I sit down this morning to work on the book I came across this post from a couple of years ago – it felt so good to do the exercise and so wanted to share it with you again today too. Before I do that I want to say a huge thanks to Anne Shivas for shining her light brightly through her poetry Whit Grace in last nights Barefoot Talk. We recorded  the event on Facebook live so if you want to see it click right here.

We have all be mislead (in truth it’s been going on for centuries) into thinking that we should be afraid of how dark, our dark side, could be. After all from a very early age in many religions we are told that we are born of sin and that we absolutely need to be forgiven and saved. We are told that this and only this will ensure that we get into what we have been programmed to believe heaven is- only then will we be fully at peace.

That’s a pretty dark thought from the off isn’t it, and it certainly doesn’t feel empowering at all and so it’s no wonder that many of us who have experienced this programming have felt confused as we literally criticise ourselves to death. We have been constantly vigilant to what we falsely believe we are – a soul hardwired for sin.

Let’s just stop with that programming shall we? Instead I want you to allow yourself right now to get really really still – just for a few moments and without any judgements feel the peace that really does live inside of you.

Lean into this  for a few moments- take a few deep breaths -allow yourself to stay very still.

Then after a few more breaths -gently look at your hands and feel the presence there.

Then put your attention to your feet and feel the presence there also.

You can experience peace right here right now in your present moment and know this- the present moment is all there really is.

(if you have read this without stopping, stop now- read it once more if need be then close your eyes and get to it)

Good isn’t it? that’s the presence of who you really are- that is you -experiencing heaven on earth.

One day I was out on the beach early in the morning with my two dogs. As I stood on the beach I observed a seagull serenely floating along the saltwater pool which sits at the edge of the seafront. It was totally on its own looking so peaceful gliding along fully at one with all around. Then I noticed another seagull perched on the edge of the pool uncertain of what to do next then I saw another one taking flight and another coming into land. There was another going in circles out at sea embracing the wildness of the wind looking though like it was a bit all over the place and suddenly a quote that I read just days before by David Bowie which hadn’t totally made sense to me if I’m honest at the time -now seemed to come to life:

Life is not a journey, we are all, coming and going at the same time.

We are all the seagulls- all coming and going and experiencing this life differently coming and going all at the same time.

Like the seagull we are born whole and complete we are the light. Unlike the seagull we have  experienced temporary amnesia fallen asleep- forgotten the truth of who we are.

The work of Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now came to me exactly when I was ready for it in 2010. My view of the world had already shifted due to my breakthrough and the discovery of this new sense of peace still felt very strong.

As I read his words describing the awakening taking place in humanity and his interpretation of the word ‘sin’ I discovered that ‘sin’ in Latin, actually means to ‘be asleep’ – no judgement necessary.

What if you explore deep inside your being and discover for yourself that the meaning of sin actually means that and nothing more.

How differently would you show up?

How free would you feel to be you?

Being terrified of this dark side and in my case certainly the supposed dark side of others is a real energy zapper. It drains us so much and keeps us stuck and small. But what if we were never actually in any real and present danger what if it’s actually been a great distractor from our biggest fear which is:

We are most afraid of our light.

The programming in us is so strong that to be worthy of being more than we can ever imagine terrifies us the most so we inadvertently keep ourselves small. We may want to stay asleep to the truth.

The Good news actually is this:

None of this, frightens the Soul.

The already totally evolved part of our being has never been afraid it is just letting us experience all that we are not so that we can experience more fully all that we are. That is an actual experience that we desire.

We will not fail in remembering who we are- it’s as inevitable as that fact that the sun will shine but and this is a big but, if in this incarnation we want to make a difference in the here and now human time terms- it’s up to us to step out of the shadow of our small story sooner rather than later and reignite the flame inside our being.

We have to step up and be who we were born to be and yet at the same time allow other versions of ourselves to come and go all at the same time.

We have to be the ones who can shine our light so brightly that all will eventually feel safe to step out of the shadows.

That is our quest-that is our mission and I know that’s it’s so not, impossible.

With so much love to you all.

Have a magical weekend being you.



  1. Pauline · April 27, 2018

    Lovely . Look at what is happening in Korea today . We were supposed to be so fearful of the risk of nuclear war there . Stories told over and over about how evil and hopeless it was and then today we wake up and it’s suddenly changed . Coming and going , not much point becoming attached …

  2. Lisa · April 27, 2018

    Lovely Bernie… all of us struggle with the immense power and true love we are all capable of and more than that, are our fundamental essence.

    A wonderful book I return to many times and have just bought for my dad, who is facing a very challenging time, is The Power of Three by Norman Drummond which echoes your sentiments beautifully.
    With love Lisax

  3. Mary Fairweather · April 27, 2018

    And as you have often said, we dont need to be perfect we just need to be ourselves and accept ourselves as we are. It’s not easy but I’m getting better at it!! 🙂 I hope you are in the sunshine this afternoon! xx

  4. Bernie Petrie · April 30, 2018

    Hi Lisa thank you and for sharing book- I will look it up. great words too -“our fundamental essence” magic – love to you x

  5. Bernie Petrie · April 30, 2018

    Hi Mary, yes indeed- we must not be afraid of being ourselves and loving that more and more of us are letting go of who we think we need to be. love love to you B xxxx

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