Do you secretly want to say goodbye?

I shared this poem on Facebook and Instagram the other day, and it sums up the essence and feeling behind the upcoming Barefoot Circle of Light which starts next Monday. I am however mindful, that my most valued means of sharing, is via my mailing list, and that not all of you use these other mediums; however even if you did, because of the algorithms in place, you might never see it, hence my repost as a blog.

But before my poetry hits your lovely heart, the subject of emails/facebook etc brings me to another thing, because there is also something that I would like to bring up with you all; if I’m honest, it’s been on my mind for a while.

I so appreciate that I’m coming directly into your inbox, so if seeing my email doesn’t make you want to ‘click open’, I would love it, if you unsubscribed. I’m giving you full permission to say goodbye.

This will actually be doing me a huge favour, it will help me grow, as it may trigger some fears of mine which I can then release, and it will help me get into the inboxes that want to hear my stuff the most. I know this might be hard for some of you, seem rude, etc, etc, but the fact is, I know who you are as I can see the clicks, and it doesn’t feel good to me to hold onto subscribers who don’t getting excited about my arrival.

I guess what I’m saying here is, I’m serving you notice. Next week I will be unsubscribing email addresses from my mail chimp list, that haven’t read my posts in the last 3 months, but if you want to help me out and do some of that work for me, here is your chance, to dump me. I’ll still love you anyway, probably even more.

Your time, and my time, is so precious, let’s honour that. I unsubscribe to things all the time, in fact I just unsubscribed from the mailing list of an amazing Wellness Coach, who has massively positively influenced me, but recently too frequently, I just wasn’t reading them and the vibration of “Sigh” was beginning to feel rubbish.

So even if you really like the creator of the content, (in this case moi) but realise you are just not inspired to click anymore. PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE BELOW. Trust me on this. If I’m meant to be in your inbox again in the future, then I will be. The Universe has a funny way of working like that, but if not, let’s set ourselves free, and did I mention, it will actually up my google rankings!

Sure, you might miss me when I’ve gone, but you won’t know that unless you honour your secret desire to say goodbye! Of course for some of you this isn’t relevant, and that’s great, but the message to all of us is, never to hold onto to anything from a fear based perspective. As a dear Disney friend not so long ago said:

Let it go, Let it go!

Okay, so for those of you who are sticking around, here is my latest poetic offering, and if you love, love it, help me help others, by sharing it with someone, who you know would love it too: x

The daily Prayer.

Daily letters, daily read
daily prayers, daily said.
Each time the tongue curls and loops
out spews another curious truth.

We are messed up, fucked up miracles of matter.
Our heads are filled with so much chatter.
We are glorious funny sad and apart
but we are loved and cherished and held in the heart.

The heart of love that pumps all day
and the heart of love that will never go away.
We are sunbeams, beacons, balls of light,
and when we hold hands, all is bright…

Daily letters, daily read
daily prayer, duly said.

Does it feel time for you to to work with me personally? If so I am currently taking new client bookings for 1-1 Coaching packages, and for pending group workshops. To apply for 1-1, firstly re-check in with you, then fill in the questionnaire here.

The next, See Your Future workshop is this Saturday 3rd September, as I write, I do still have a few places remaining. So if that feels exciting- cool- late comers are welcome (I’m a last minute girl myself) and you can book here.

To book your spot, or find out more, about The barefoot Circle of Light which starts on Monday 5th September at 7.30pm click this link right here.

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last but by no means least, The Barefoot Sanctuary always has room for new practitioners and classes, so if you have an event that feels like a Barefoot Fit, I would really love to hear from you.

Love and more love..
Bernie xx


  1. Bernie Petrie · September 16, 2016

    Awe hello Esmeralda thats fab! love to you Bernie xxx

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