Do You Remember Being Seven?

Last week my Dad sent me this photograph. I am the one 2nd from the right with the pop socks. It is the summer 1976 and I’m 7 years old. It was the first time that I had ever seen this photo, taken by my friend Alison’s Mum- she is the one on the far right -other pictures that I have from my childhood seem to show me with a shyness and a hesitancy and yet in this picture I see no traces of that I all and the reason behind this is probably best explained in this story of my friend Jane and I. My friend Jane is sitting to my left, with her younger sister beside her.


Jane and Bernadette are 7 years old they have been friends for about a year and they both love picnics and being outside. It’s the summer holidays and they come and go as they please between their houses (which are about 12 houses apart) all the time. They are the same age but around Jane Bernadette feels much more confident for some reason. Her older siblings often think she is a bit of a cry baby so she enjoys hanging out with Jane, and the yet unrealised benefits of having older siblings kick in when she is around someone who doesn’t. In the summer that this pic is snapped they have little fear and play totally freely, spending much of their time outside and on their bikes and life is good! One particular sunny morning they have a idea:


“let’s go for a picnic”.


It feels like a totally brilliant idea to them and so they head off to Bernadette’s Mum’s kitchen to get busy making ‘the picnic’– they do this without being questioned; which is no great surprise amongst the then hustle and bustle of a house with 7 kids and with a few neighbouring friends thrown in. The Mullan house is always open to all the kids in the street pretty much. They butter some bread and some fruit cake and put juice in beakers. Within no time they are on their way. They don’t ask permission and they don’t share their plans with anyone.


The sun is shining and they are excited as they set off on their bikes -they cycle down the street and on through to the subway which then leads out towards a country road. There is a foot path for a mile or so and then it’s a country road. They have a firm destination in mind. The forest by the river. Over the time Jane and Bernadette have become friends, Jane’s Daddy has driven them out to an area called The Camus many times- a woodland forest area on the banks of the River Bann. They don’t give the distance a thought they just knew the way and off they went.


When they get there they sit by the bank of the river in the sunshine and take great pleasure eating their self -made picnic. They sit happily in silence eating their sandwiches and cake and drinking their juice. It all tastes so good. After a while they have a sense of some people (maybe other picnic goers themselves in the background) but they just do their own thing and when they are totally finished they looked at each other and both have a strong sense that it is time to head home so they hop back on their bikes and cycle back. The journey there and back was probably just under 10 miles!


That is now such a clear memory to me, but for many years I would often forget how adventurous and capable and confident I was at 7 and yet I can see that confidence clearly in the picture. When I look at the photo attached I see a Soul who is totally in tune with her inner guide. I see a human child who is so tuned into what feels good that it no doubt felt totally safe to explore and go further into nature. I see a child totally comfortable in her skin. It was totally magical that day if I close my eyes I can feel the sunshine – smell the flowers – feel the warm wind and feel the calmness of the forest behind us and honestly I swear I can taste that buttered fruit cake. If I tap into the feeling of that 7 year old, it is of a being; totally at ease with herself and with her friend, and totally in tune with her intuition.


What’s the point of this story?


Inside each and every one of us is a playful adventurous child who really knows how to be led by their intuition and by their natural needs and desires. We both felt safe and we both felt nourished, we have everything we needed and we trusted ourselves totally. We attracted no negative attention as if we were invisible to all that would want to do us harm. We were basking in the safety of the Universe and it felt amazing.

This is what I am being constantly reminded to do now; to lean in closer to my inner wise self and to trust my natural instincts to know that all my needs will be cared for – I am constantly being reminded, even by getting this picture that I just have to put my order in and trust that I will receive and with each and every day that I do more and more do I experience receiving similar magical experiences.


What about you?


What message does your 7 year old self have for you? What memory of being that age can you tap into- perhaps seek out a picture of yourself one where you are with friends rather than siblings to see what essence of you is more evident and now look at yourself through fresh eyes and remember something you knew in your bones then. Then ask yourself how can I bring that seven year old’s energy back into my daily life? How can the gifts that I possessed at seven be rekindled and be allowed to influence all aspects of my life now?


It’s time to be more seven!


It’s time to trust once again that you are always being guided; that you are brave and adventurous – that you are a Being of Light and Love on a glorious earth adventure.


With love till the next time.



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