Connect to your body stand in your power.

Yesterday I wrote about how we waste our creative energy unknowingly and you may remember I asked you to keep in mind the word ‘bluetooth’.

Bluetooth is a wonderful thing. Over the last couple of months I find my self using it daily to send the flower photos from my phone to my mac so that you see the image as you do. Im sure you know how Bluetooth works, but essentially in the process I open my mac and my phone up to any other bluetooth devices in the immediate vicinity.

A few days ago whilst I was attempting to do this in a local cafe someones else’s phone came up – In that moment they were most definitely unknowingly open to receiving stuff from me.

What has this got to do with standing in your power? We are energetic beings we feel things in our energy field very easily. We unknowingly operate in bluetooth mode – meaning that we can receive stuff from people in our vicinity unknowingly.

We can without realising feel by being sent other peoples stuff leaving us feeling depleted and suddenly exhausted.

As an empath – this is one of my biggest challenges, and the single most important thing I need to remember is to:

Connect to my body so I can stand fully in my power in any situation.


I want to remain open to feel all the beauty around me but I need to make sure I am fully connected to my internal source first and foremost so that others cannot come into my energy field uninvited.

Often I hear the word energy vampires, and thing that any of us will remember from watching any decent vampire movie is that the vampire has to be invited into your your home- without that invitation you are totally safe.

When you connect to you body you are connecting to your god self and you are totally safe. 

I spoke last night with a beautiful woman who describes herself as an introvert and said that she can sometimes be easily overwhelmed and drained when around a lot of people. Immediately I realised that on those occasions it’s as if she has her bluetooth on and not just one but tons of people who also have their internal bluetooth on where coming into her energy field and the result was that she felt so drained after being in this room without even talking to anyone. In this situation, she had found herself in a much bigger exam room that she ever expected and in the moment of overwhelm has dis- connected with her body. Sure she was concentrating on a test paper which will have used up some of her energy but she was also feeling all the emotions of those in the room- she was wide open and it was no wonder that she felt so drained afterwards.

The key to solving this which is possible for all of us is in advance preparation. We have to be aware of whether we are leaving our energy fields wide open just as we have to be aware of whether we have left our blue tooth on.

It’s very easy to counter this and doesn’t not mean you put a wall around yourself – rather you create a beautiful energy bubble around you when you fully connect to your body.

So before you head out to public places that may leave you open to being unnecessarily drained, its worth spending a few moments connecting to your feet and then mentally surrounding yourself with an expansive bubble of light.

Feel it around you like a protective magnetic shield- but one that only stops people taking from you without your permission. As you feel the warmth of this bubble around you in your minds eye see yourself in a busy room but feeling totally energised and powerful. In this bubble you are connected to Source and the good news is that others around you will feel the benefit but they won’t drain you. It’s like you have activated an energy bubble that simply feels good to be around but cannot be pilfered from. But even if you forget to do this and find yourself in a situation where you suddenly feel overwhelmed and experience a feeling of powerlessness- you can pause- reconnect with your breath, reconnect with your body, allow the bubble to reemerge and the overwhelm will float by.

This is a very important part of self care- you feel things deeply and you have to take responsibility of retaining your own energy levels. No one  is doing anything wrong by keeping their bluetooth on around you- you have to do is make sure you are taking control of your own- so that you are always standing fully in your power.

With love until tomorrow

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