I change my pants every day…

I watched myself on film a couple of nights ago, as I reviewed last month’s Barefoot Talk recording and I was shocked by how I stood and how I walked in that moment. I’ve seen myself on camera quite a lot now so I know and accept and even like how I speak- my hand gestures etc.. but I really did not identify with the walk. This reminded me of something I had briefly heard the author Katie Hendricks talking about with Mastin Kipp on one of his podcasts – we generally recognise someone’s walk because we rarely change it- we go on autopilot walk mode, we get into a set way of walking and being based on all our thoughts and conditioning.

Literally moments later Dave and I headed down to the beach with our two dogs for a dusk beach walk and I started to experiment with my walk and bless him my lovely man played along too. Shouts of (from me) “look at this walk?”- “yes that’s definitely jazzier” and what about this one”?–“LOL That’s like a catwalk walk” -may well have been heard by confused ears along the beach, but the real change in how we walked by paying attention to it, playing with it and deciding to walk a different way was incredible- Dave’s walk became much more youthful too- both were lighter and more enthusiastic- we were different people- our previous walks totally unrecognisable.

So this has got me thinking – we change our pants every day, our clothes most days, our sheets weekly /fortnightly /monthly ?? but we don’t change our walk – or our talk – and if we aren’t changing our walk and our talk it’s because we are not changing our thoughts – Bam! Lightbulb…and we wonder why things maybe aren’t changing or progressing in the ways we would like.

It felt so good playing with the walk- I felt visible stronger taller lighter when I had better thoughts about who I am walking on this amazing planet, and if I change my thoughts as I walk- then the rest will have to follow! So I’m playing and paying closer attention to my thoughts about who I am as I walk, and the more I do this the more automatic my newer lighter walk will be. I’m sitting taller as I type right now too!

So do you want to play too? If so pay attention to how you walk today – how you sit – how you eat? And ask yourself what am I thinking about myself right now- and is that really true? Who in this moment do I believe I am – and could I actually be more?

I believe we are all beings of light on a human adventure- I believe this to be true in my heart, but clearly there are moments – many moments and when forget that- so thankfully when given a shake once again I remember and I sit that bit taller – walk that bit lighter because my mind is once again much much brighter.

Allow yourself to expand into a newer walk by having newer thoughts… walk home a different way too to add to the change in perspective, or sit in a different seat. It’s time to step into someone else’s shoes and experience the world through their lens and then play the parts that makes you feel really good- after all it’s your Movie – you are ‘The Main Star’ you are also ‘The Director’ and ‘The Producer’ -so you can allow and indeed you must be the one that gives yourself permission to think- walk and- talk in new exciting ways whenever you please.

Walker taller til the next time.

With love


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