Celebrate Your Uniqueness Every Single Day

I usually write these posts the day before, but yesterday I was keep really busy pulling the flower cards for the Reclaim Your Summit offering that I knew I would have to be up early to do this post in time for the 11am deadline, bearing in mind I am going to a yoga fundraiser before that for Tori Chalmers. one of my guests on the Good Vibrations Radio Show. (You can support her too by clicking on the link.)

It felt pretty good to be getting up that bit earlier and have extra pressure to deliver (crikey I really do respond to deadlines) and I knew I knew what I was going to write about until I remembered the date and of course I realised that the flower card had to be replaced to this one – the other topic will keep for Mondays post. I remember clearly drawing this card 2 years ago on St Patricks day – a day dedicated to celebrating  The Life of St Patrick, or for many for celebrating their Irish ness as he is the Patron saint of Ireland. I remember thinking about him in this new unique way too.

He was a unique person indeed and if it feels good to celebrate him – bring it on- and whilst I have never as an Irish person been very big on celebrating it because in the 70’s and 80’s in Northern Ireland it just wasn’t actually celebrated that much, it was in American that he was celebrated more. I can see why as many of the ancestors can no doubt relate to a part of his experience at least, and the need to celebrate where they had come from will be strong. Of course it has grown massively and it is also a sign of acceptance that it is celebrated in the whole of Ireland and in the UK now too. Clearly he belongs to everyone.

For me I like the way I view it now as an opportunity for all people to celebrate their uniqueness. It’s a also a humbling reminder that we all come from somewhere often than the Country that claims us as our own. If all of us had those blood tests done that can determine our global origins – we would all have a unique but mixed blend I have no doubt.

St Patrick himself was born in Roman Britain in the 5th century (ish.. a lot of the history is vague and there are mixed reports but thats was legends are made of I guess). He was supposedly  taken at the age of 16 to Ireland by Irish Pirates and enslaved to to look after animals. History records that he escaped 6 years later and was able to return home to his family. Then he went on to become a missionary and returned to Ireland to work for the rest of his life converting many to Christianity, a fith he himself as a Roman Britain was not born into.

To me no matter the details as I look at him as a human he represents the healing power of forgiveness, of courage, and of uniqueness. He chose to go his own way, to follow in inner guidance and return to Ireland. He simply felt drawn back to the place.

As I sit at my desk it is snowing lightly and the waves are big- and I wonder how the young Patrick felt back in the 5th century as he was being taken away from his family by ship in the rolling ocean to a strange land.

There are many people today who are experiencing at first hand what it is liked to be plucked or forced to leave their country of birth- who will have to question all that they know- who will come up against those who would try to control them. What will history remember about those individuals I wonder. Perhaps it is those people on both sides that we need to celebrate and be extra compassionate to today in the way that Patrick clearly was to those he encountered.

On a personal level, take a look at yourself today and own the journey of discovery that you are on- trust the whispers of your heart and celebrate all that is unique about you– the very thing that sets you apart from others is what makes you special- embrace it and show up fully in the way that only you can.

With so much love until Monday have a magical weekend and a very Happy St Patricks day to those celebrating!

Right I’m off to yoga X



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