Breathe in deeply all of who you are.

On Monday night I spent time at The Barefoot Sanctuary with some of our local Girl Guides. We spent just under an hour exploring the art of meditation.

It is always amazing to revisit the exercise of spending time with 14 year old girls. They can be viewed as a ‘Tough Crowd’ having no idea how intimidating they might be to grown ups. They have great poker faces and one might leave believing that nothing has been taken on board. The first time I worked with this age group in a Coaching way was 5 years ago. I brought my Love and Cherish workshop to a small group of local high school teenagers as a trail. I remember feeling so exhausted afterwards and it felt like a total waste of time. It triggered all my own teenage insecurities, they were such beautifully strong terrifying young women and as they day went on I felt myself shrinking in age and all my confidence as a grown woman slip away. They taught me a valuable lesson – essential stubbornness.

In the complex world of being a teenager we have the incredible ability to stubbornly reveal nothing- we are master mask wearers, it is virtually impossible for others to read what is going on in our minds- and it is an essential part of our development- remain calm – give no fear away in the scary world of ‘coolness’. What I finally realised back then is that the teenagers were showing me that I needed to stubbornly hold onto all of who I am right now –  I needed to stubbornly hold on to the high vibration of self love and in that place they would feel much safer with me. It was a valuable lesson for me and I am so grateful that they mirrored back to me all my teenage insecurities so that I could begin to heal them. At the time of doing this workshop my own daughter was a delightful 11 – she is now well past 16 and let’s just say she helped me some more in this department.

The 14 year old girls from this week where showing me another lesson and that is how valuable it is to breathe in deeply all of who you are –  In order to de-myth meditation I asked them about things they just loved doing, explaining that being in the flow of doing something you love is a meditative state. Each of them revealed their golden threads of intuition as one by one they listed different things from drawing- hockey-kayaking-swimming-dancing-to name but a few and I was left feeling so in awe of each and every one of them. They re-enforced that we are all so unique and we all have such individual strengths and in that moment they had the ability to stubbornly own their strengths and gifts without fear of teasing or feeling different. Afterwards I realised just how far I have come from the workshop 5 years ago to have this new reality mirrored back to me. As these young women go on to spread their wings and fly into this brave new world I hold a divine image of each and every one of them- with them and many others like them in charge this world is in great hands.

Breathe in deeply all of who you are- the inner child -the stubborn teenager – the younger you -the older you- all of it is unique beautiful and divine.

With love until tomorrow.

psst – I was on the radio yesterday with the wonderful Leah Majorie Cox you can listen to this replay of the Good Vibrations show and others here.

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