It’s Time To Love And Cherish Who You Are.

Lets talk about you and me.

Who are you likely to be?

You are light worker or as I have rephrased, a Light Maker! A Human Being, who is ready to understand themselves more, you will feel that you are here for something more, but have been holding back on yourself, keeping yourself smaller, and want to change that, you are ready to invest in your souls growth.

What is your life like right now?

You may be performing well, successful in your field (from the outside at least) you achieve great results in what you do; you may be great at what you do, it seems to comes easily, but it doesn’t light you up anymore. You are likely be the kind of Human being, who feels like they are carrying a big burden a lot of the time, and you will probably be a people pleaser, but that’s not actually fun for you any more. You may actually be following your passion already, but something just feel off and you seem to hit brick walls again and again. Life feels kind of  confusing right now and you really desire clarity, and plain and simply, you want more joy!

What are you searching for?

You are searching for what you believe is your calling, your real purpose…..your inner joy! You are searching for YOU




What do I for YOU?

I connect YOU, to your higher self, your true self if you like,  and guide you, as you heal yourself, from old energetic blocks. I assist you in stepping into YOUR genuine identity, so that YOUR light shines much brighter!

What sort of results/experiences do I deliver to YOU?

The results vary depending on where you are at but the core benefit is YOU will begin to love who you are much more and get clearer on your why on your purpose. You will experience feelings of lightness love and empowerment, and a real and lasting ability to connect to inner joy.

What benefits will you get from working with me?

You will discover, your hearts desires, and move towards them, you will heal old wounds, that are holding you back, and, very importantly you will give yourself permission to shine!

This will affect all that you do, in your creative purpose, as Light Maker, and in your personal life. You will have gained a new perspective, from which, you need never, go back!

What about my experience, my personality, my passion makes me uniquely qualified to help you?

I too am a light Maker. I am an empath, and I understand how that works now.

I know with all my heart, that I am a being of light, here to assist in the healing path of those that find me, I have gained great insight from a personal awakening in 2010, which has enabled me to remember who I truly am. This and the self love work, that I have been committed to for the last 6 years, enables me to hold the space for you, to tap into that same source.

For years I hid behind many masks afraid of my ability to see what was going on in people lives, the gift of an empath, and in the process, I shut down my intuitive abilities ; I now understand that my whole life has been preparing for the work that I now do, and these intuitive abilities, are now being honed, on a daily basis;  and because of my ongoing healing journey, I can help you, if you are now, also ready.

I have seen and felt the unconditional love, that we are, and have learnt to harness the creative power, that we are all capable of, and in doing so, I am here to shine the torch for you, at this stage of your journey, I am, the Life Coach and Spiritual Guide, you are ready for.


With love and joy.

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