The barefoot take on the selfie!

In July we sent out the first video based on an afternoon of questions and answers with Ben Laing at The Barefoot Sanctuary and after a slightly longer gap that I alluded to (whoops) this is video number 2. we have made a ton of these as to date have done 2 days of  filming so they will come drip fed- bear with!

In this video Ben asks me my thoughts on selfie’s and this -is what came out.

We all take selfies – right ? but when it involves moments of joy do we risk loosing something more precious in the process?

In this video I also admit to taking them long before the term ‘selfie’ was even introduced- I’m not kidding- and I give my now understanding of what I was searching for in the process – so there is no judgement here- just food for thought!

I would love to hear your experiences or comments.

Until the next time.

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  1. Kirsty Robertson · September 21, 2017

    This makes me think of the mirror work I did as part of the Love Cherish workshop last year! xx

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